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Big Bass Secret Baits – Punchshot & Jika Rig

BASS Elite Series professional & tournament fishing champion Mike Iaconelli shares what he learned in Japan about the hot new bass fishing technique that’s …


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6 thoughts on “Big Bass Secret Baits – Punchshot & Jika Rig

  1. Another new technique which is about to be introduced to US might be 'Be free texas rig' whose original name is 'Free rig (differ from free jig)' invented by pro angler Sun-Pil Kim 10 years ago. This rig uses texas riged worm with dropshot style swivel sinker which is directly put through the line. Free rig has been extremely popular in Korea due to it's advantages like vertical presentation, sensitivity and the most importantly erratic action.

  2. 'Wacky jig' has the same history. This rig was also invented by Korean pro angler Woo-Yong Jeon about 15 years ago and named as 'Kaiser rig'. It was introduced to Japan by Japanese pro angler who visited Korea and subsequently introduced to US with a new name 'Wacky jig'.

  3. Great video and thanks for introducing jika rig Mike! Big fan of you man. But I would like to tell you that jika rig is not originated from Japan. The guy who developed and distributed jika rig is Sang-Woo Lee, Korean professional angler. It's original name is 'Free jig' and has been very popular in Korea at least for last 10 years. Free jig has been introduced to Japan recently (about 5 years ago) and got a new name as Jika rig.

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