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BIGGEST Largemouth Bass Pond Pet EVER! *REVENGE of THUMP*

You won’t believe the size of this Bass! Having the opportunity to be set and ready to transport this big of a fish home and have it living well and happy in the backyard pond is GREAT! Welcome to the Family… THUMP. I can’t wait to feed this Beast!
(For those who think this pond is to small, it looks small on camera. In person its BIG! There is only 8 fish total 5 of them being small: also all fish are WELL fed)

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45 thoughts on “BIGGEST Largemouth Bass Pond Pet EVER! *REVENGE of THUMP*

  1. That white thing hanging off his mouth could be a disease may have to cut it off but I’m not sure just might wanna check it out

  2. lol, I could here the sadness in your voice when your buddy didn't look at "the stomach on that thing!" he was missing out, because that bass is a THICC BOI!

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