billy sheehan – bass secrets


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  1. the man that era guys really looked like barbie dolls.i was there but i was pre grunge.i just couldnt wear spandex sweat bands or perm my hair.there was this little voice in me saying no this will pass and look ridiculous …guess what the voice was right.still billy sounds as awesome as ever.the host looks like my mates mom from that era

  2. Billy é um monstro. In time: esse look da época era de lascar. Visual igual da Lindsay Lohan chapada! 😛

  3. An excellent discussion. I like how Wolf Marshall leads the summary of an explanation to tie up the points Billy is making musically.

  4. Me playing bass dum dum dum, Billy playing bass sdfgskshlkjlksidlhouighusgkjfgakgakhsgfkjhlsdhlkhbkl;vhlkjhvkjsdvjkdsvb

  5. fuck yes hair rules fuck all you libtard wiggaz trying to act black or dress like you affiliated with hip hop y'all watch to much MTV reruns these guys had talent and flair WTF happened to Americans culture why is everyone so embarrassed to be them selves

  6. dude wasn't this guy in a band in the eighties or ninties called siagon kick or maybe it was great white , Tesla damn dude that drummer looks familiar too has to be one of these

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