Black Bass Management on Big Rideau Lake

Big Rideau Lake is among the most heavily “fished” water bodies in all of eastern Ontario with bass fishing tournaments occurring from season opener to late fall. Dr. Steve Cooke’s lab at Carleton University is interested in improving management of black bass in Big Rideau Lake, and our research (led by MSc. student Alice Abrams) utilizes fish tracking devices to monitor post-tournament dispersal and seasonal distribution of largemouth and smallmouth bass. With this knowledge we may provide stakeholders with information necessary for improving the management of black bass in Big Rideau Lake.

Do you spend time on Big Rideau Lake? Follow the link below to fill out our survey and let us know your thoughts about the bass populations and management on Big Rideau Lake! Survey takes ~10 minutes.

Video made by:
Peter Holder, PhD Student

IG: @wildfocused