Casting Crank Baits for Sea Bass


We’re out on the saltwater with Antonio, the Boatless Angler. We’re running the American Smelt crankbaits. I’m running the blue colour, and Antonio is running the natural colour.

A good tactic to use with these suspending crankbaits is to reel and pause. At the pause, the crankbait will stay suspended, making it appear similar to an injured bait fish.

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As always until next time, good luck and good fishin’!

Casting Crank Baits for Sea Bass


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22 Replies to “Casting Crank Baits for Sea Bass”

  1. I noticed that you guys are cranking in relatively fast. Is that best to do for these fish? I know when we fish for salmon out of Lake Michigan, we have to retrieve relatively slowly. Are these sea bass only interested in a fast retrieve presentation? Thanks again for another great video. I look forward to all your videos as they come out!

  2. Looks like lots of fun indeed!!! Do you have to retie after catching so many fish?? 🙂 Really liked the video. Thanks, Ivo and Antonio!! 🙂

  3. Hey Ivo , how deep is the water ??, I'm sorry if you said it in the video I must of missed it and is this regular bottom or like a wreck ?

    And what type of lures are those

  4. Ivo, you are one of the most passionate men I have ever seen fishing, you actually enjoy fishing with your buds and have a great time while doing so, and whenever some stray, rude comment comes about in the comment section, it only makes you more efficient in your passion of fishing. So, good luck in your future fishing videos, and have a nice day! 😀

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