Catch 5 Minute Bass Limit – Ott Defoe Fishing Secrets

When the conditions are right, there’s a magic time when anglers can catch a 30lb. limit of 5 bass in 5 minutes. That magic window is the shad spawn/herring spawn, and it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet for bass while the baitfish are all balled together with other things on their mind. Bass will ambush their unsuspecting prey, and this is a great time for you to know Bassmaster Elite Series angler Ott Defoe’s tips, baits, tactics and tournament-proven techniques to catch big bass fast!

This is a preview clip of a full 57-minute bass fishing instructional video available at In the full seminar, you will learn about when and where bait fish spawn (bluegill, shad, herring and fat head minnows), and Ott will teach you how to catch bass feeding on these baitfish.

For a limited time, watch this and over 250 other videos bass fishing how-to videos free for 10 days at


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