Catch and Cook Largemouth Bass

I have seen many videos of other catch and cooks and all the comments were “do a largemouth bass” so I figured I make a video of what the people were asking for, there some others out there but here is mine! This is a very large lake with a very healthy population of bass. Keep negative opinions to yourself Thank you.
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40 Replies to “Catch and Cook Largemouth Bass”

  1. I love bass made on the grill with some salt and butter I love them fried too! Also I like how you weigh him and measure him because some people measure there fish in pounds and some measure in inches I like how you do both.

  2. Nice Job Wi Fish. Some comments I read are from clueless people. The biggest threat to a healthy LM bass population is too many bass! Some bass need to be kept. Release walleye, that population needs help, keeping bass will help walleye populations grow too.

  3. Nice fishing! 👊 not everyone agrees with taking a LMB's life. I know I'll never kill one, but I can respect all Anglers and their choices… as long as it's not illegal then nobody should have anything to say. TL man!

  4. I always fry my fish outside in an electric fry pan and just use it for that.
    I also soak my fish in beer for a little while . I then shake off the beer and then drop it into original Aunt. Jemima original pancake mix then right into the 350 degree oil. By frying outside no smells in the house.

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