Catch Bass in Cooling Water by Fishing the Right Crankbaits

Mark Menendez loves to fish for bass with crankbaits in cold water. He starts in fall and will catch them in the winter and especially in the prespawn on cold water crankbaits. He shares some great insight here on one of his favorite techniques.

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17 Replies to “Catch Bass in Cooling Water by Fishing the Right Crankbaits”

  1. love 8 to 10 pound test line. that a well set drag are all you need. great video. 👍👏

  2. Mark has got to be one of the greatest teachers ever to come around in Bass fishing. He's a natural. Great job once again and thanks .

  3. Do you still crank in the dead of winter? We all know crankbaits are great in the fall which is what it looks like in this video. What about dec and jan when water temps are 38-45 degrees.

  4. They should have a dislike button for the "2" folks that disliked this video, ha all jokes aside good information provided that is duly noted.

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