Catch & Cook Ep 8: LARGEMOUTH BASS

Been holding this one back for a little bit, but here it is….8th c & c is largemouth bass. Been having a hard time catching a “legal” size fish or one that isn’t a spawning female. Finally plucked a 14″ while pike fishing and decided to give it a go.

Fried in panko breadcrumbs, it was better than expected. I can’t speak for the flavor for larger ones but it was just fine!

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49 Replies to “Catch & Cook Ep 8: LARGEMOUTH BASS”

  1. I don't know why some anglers get bent out of shape with eating largemouth bass … they're actual delicious (falcon lake tx) when you eat the smaller , 17 inch and under. Not like there's a shortage of largemouth bass lol … there are billions of em

  2. if you eat bass again, soak in milk for half hour, it draws out the oils that give it the smell, and improves the taste

  3. Largemouth have been stocked the world over. Here in Texas, not even our reservoirs are natural. As such, I don’t get the whole hate on keeping a bucketmouth or two to eat. On the flip side, they taste pretty “meh” in my experiences.

  4. I've never heard of a fisherman not liking large mount bass lol just ok WTH you must live a very secluded life style if your truly a fisherman.

  5. i like large mouth bass. i tend to keep 1.5 lb and under. the ones i get never smell. cooked the same way you did. kids love them. great vid. Cheers from Ohio.

  6. I got i tip for you guys throw some dynamite in the water and like magic they appear.

  7. Awesome, people get so pissed over eating LMB. I’ve only had smallmouth and they were delicious

  8. I love eating Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth bass. I cook them up every time I catch one.

  9. There's alot of comments on here about not keeping bass. My brother and I fish a couple different bass circuits a year and I'm one of the few people that don't have any problem with eating a couple bass here and there. Now I'm not saying to keep the hogs but there is nothing wrong with keeping a couple 12" to 15". If you pay $30+ for a fishing license and your state fish commission says you can keep them you have every right to keep a couple. So deal with it if you aren't catching as many bass as you used to maybe you need to get better at fishing.

  10. What bait were u using to catch those bass? I’ve never caught a bass and I really want to

  11. Beer batter is the way to go, soak in lightly salted water before cooking. My grandma used to cook large mouth from coal mine strip ponds and they were damn good, large bass and bluegill in the ponds.

  12. All freshwater fish taste the same, except pike, trout,rough fish,and salmon. It is simply an idea you create in you mind that this is a bass, it taste bad, or this is a walleye, it taste good, when really, they taste almost identical.

  13. Soak the fish in milk and the smell will disappear. Not completely but, I just watched another you tuber do it. From there he put egg wash on it and than bread crumbs. I like your videos so far. Keep up the great work.

  14. I wouldn't take any freshwater fish all the time because they're more limited than ocean fish. But honestly taking one or two a year I would do. Heck I want to try rock bass, largemouth, small mouth, bluegill, pumpkinseed. If they're good I'll take a couple a year. That simple.

  15. I think if u get a bass from clean water it's good but if the water is a bet dark I think it's kinda gaming…

  16. What type of kayak is that? It looks really cool and I've never seen one with pedals in it.

  17. I have never noticed an odor from largemouth fillets. But I have only kept maybe two in my life. Usually size restrictions prevent keeping them at an edible size in many states. They are more fun to catch than they are to eat, so catch and release is my rule on them. In my location however we can keep spot bass at 12 inches. Not the same species but they fry up well. I still usually release though. I fish for fun, not food in most situations.

  18. just a few things i have found out that the smell was mainly due to what body of water you got it from if the water has a lot of algae then the fish tastes like algae an if it's muddy then the fish will taste like mud and if it's clear water then it will just taste like water and the best sizes to keep is 12-17" fish any bigger the tougher it is

  19. I grew up in NH and we ate bass year round. I used to go with my father and we always kept fish within the state regulations. I thought they tasted fine and we always had fun doing it. Once and awhile we caught flak from the pro bass anglers that wouldnt mind their own business but you have ever right to harvest a bass if its within the rules, good video. I would like to see catch and cook white perch

  20. Fuck Yes for that Shinra Corporation shirt! FF7 is my all time favorite game ever! ✊✌🤘🍻

  21. Hey where near brooklyn are you fishing , i cant find decent spot anywhere close to NYC have to drive all the way to upstate for fishing spots

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