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Catching a striped bass from shore – Fall fishing with a jerkbait and crankbaits

Can YouTube help me become a better fisherman? In this episode I try out 3 different lures to try and catch bass. I am fishing the schools of shad that are moving shallow. First I use a Smithwick Jerkbait. Next I fish with a cheap shallow diving crankbait. Finally I try fishing with a lipless crankbait. I am still using the KastKing Baitcaster… I think I heard the drag squeal a little. I will have to keep an eye on it.


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33 thoughts on “Catching a striped bass from shore – Fall fishing with a jerkbait and crankbaits

  1. You make fishing real. Enjoyable to watch. What do you think of the baitcasters. I can never get the hang of them.

  2. i subscribed strictly from your intro video before i even watched any of your other videos, nice channel bro !

  3. Dude, love the vids, it's nice to see someone enjoying the sport and not just for the fakey clickbait stuff. Rock on.

  4. Great video, however i do have a bit of advice. Stop your spool with your thumb rather than turning the handle. Your reel will last longer.

  5. hey man, just subbed you after watch Garrett's unbox in video from you. check out my channel and sub back if you like

  6. Great vid keep it up plenty of fish there a little tough to catch I'll say one thing times like that I always keep some kind of soft plastic swim bait with me in 3 sizes but one color 2 inch 3 inch 4 inch either pearl color or white always gets the job done when the fishing is like that but you did manage to catch that nice striper good job man keep it up ! Check out my chanel sometime I do a lot of salt water and some fresh water when I can't go salt here's the link

  7. You got 2 dislikes on this video, you must be doing something right? Lover your video's keep up the good work.

  8. Nice striped bass. I love Smithwick suspending rouges their my favorite jerkbait. Rapala comes in a close second.

  9. Cool vid realistic, I am going to try and send u a pack of these little zoom swimbaits that look so much like shad. I see the bass are really feeding and a shad type bait is perfect for throwing.

  10. Same place as your last video ya? I use rattlin raps similar to that lipless cranks trolling for lakers – my #1 go to, love em!

  11. Leaving with all of your lures is always plus. LOL. I can't believe how many I've lost to rocks and stumps this year. Part of the game I guess. Nice stipe too! I haven't caught one of those in a while, I'm about due. Fish on.

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