Going out on a brutal and blustery day to do some winter bassfishing in Maryland had me questioning my sanity! It wasn’t bad at home 40 minutes South of this …


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  1. the best line i used was (i ordered my license online here my email , and when they check just look stupid and say – i think thats the right email i used it. lol
    works everytime

  2. what ever you do dont say i left it in the car they will fucking wait for you not only follow you and you just gave them the right to check your car dont be stupid

  3. I miss fishing so much…my father lives in Florida so everytime I see him we go fishing ! Rarely fresh water though loll we prefer night fishing and deep sea fishing , just talking about it makes me want to buy a plane ticket and head out to Florida .

  4. .when I go out with the intentions on scoring a fish we just buy cheap stuff now. Always had expensive poles and gear, Would lose it off the back of the commander or the other atv. So now I use a $20. Walmart pole and 2-3$ lures , Works just as good as the expensive stuff. Plus where I live most lakes and streams are not accessible to most, We need to hike or ride atv to get there so typically we get plenty of fish with crap gear, Get an inflatable pontoon raftboat and row out to the deep parts and catch fish where people probably have not fished in years . It's perfect. Gotta love the deep woods 👍. Thanks for the cool video

  5. Hunting Creek Lake, Great place to fish use to fish there when I was station at Fort Detrick. Rainbow lake is really great I was there one day and had a sunny hooked and while reeling him in had a 3 lb large mouth come up and grab him. I jerked that pole straight up and he came flying out. I cant believe that Warden is still there He gave me all the good spots for public hunting there too.

  6. he handled that situation calm and kept doing what he was doing not getting loud or causing a scene asking him why you bothering me just do what needs to be done and act normal

  7. I appreciate the fish and game wardens, but please don't sneak! There are predatory animals where i live and I'm jumpy!

  8. Great vid. All the wardens I came across were for the most part just as cool. what I came to realize is that most of them share the same interest of fishing and enjoying the outdoors just as fanatic as us, they have my respect. I also love the vid man. very entertaining. Thank you and keep them posting. 🙂

  9. As much as I would love to try this during the cold months, the state of Minnesota closes the season for Bass and several other species until Mothers Day Weekend which I believe is near the end of spawning.

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