Catching Big Bass in CRAZY Clear Water!!!

Got out to the cleanest water in the state and caught some SLAUNCHES! It definitely took a little bit to figure out what the fish wanted, but we were able to pattern them some once we figured out they were relating more to bait than cover.

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►Worm Fishing Setup◄

Reel –
Rod –
Line –
Bait –

►Topwater Fishing Setup◄

Reel –
Rod –
Line –
Bait –




•Water Temperature – Unknown

•Water Clarity – 3′

•Wind Speed – 5 MPH

•Water Depth – 1-10′



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23 Replies to “Catching Big Bass in CRAZY Clear Water!!!”

  1. Hey man, just thought I would let you know that your speed demon review is posted on someone else's channel. It's your video and the audio is all messed up on it, channel name-David Taylor
    He has your title for the video and everything

  2. You need to come hit up our pond/lake in Kaufman on our land

    Reel in 4 pounders all day clear water to about 4 ft

    Last weekend caught about 30 between me and my brother
    Yesterday caught about 45-50 between the 3 of us fishing
    And they destroy the frogs!

  3. I was wondering if you could help me with something. I recently have been able to fish a private quarry pond and I know their are big fish in it. I went to the lake today and I saw 4 fish all around 3 pounds however none would bite. Then late in the day I hooked into a true 10+ pounder at the surface and he spit the hook. I'm trying to figure out if you would have any advice to find or catch the big fish in the lake. Some information you may need for the lake are it is currently being actively dredged on so I can only go on sundays and also half of the lake is on a 10 foot cliff so when I hook a big one I have to jump down in the water and grabs it. Also I live i Indiana. Please let me know if you have any advice

  4. Nice work man. It would be sweet to see you work with the googan squad. I bet sub numbers would explode also. I kno u work with Flair occasionally, us local guys here dig that collab for sure. Good luck fishin man! 🇺🇸🌽

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