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Catching Big Bass on a Jig; 5+ Pounder!

This was an amazing evening of bass fishing. I caught around 10 fish plus an amazing 5+ pound bass! All these bass were stacked up on a hump where a little creek feeds into the pond. Ive known this hump was here for a while and I usually can pick one or two fish off of it but tonight the fish were just stacked on it. Its a very rocky hump and all though its not deep its a steep change in elevation which is of course textbook for bass to stack up on. Also with summer starting here in texas, these are the times when the bass start to school up deep during the day and in the evening and early mornings these fish move of shallow and get fat on shad. So with this storm moving in and the cool evening, it was just perfect for these big bass to stack up. The jig seemed to be the only thing these bass would eat and that they did. Most of these fish straight up choked the jig. All these fish were caught on a shimano curado 7:1:1 paired with a No. 8 tackle blackout 7′ medium hvy rod spooled with 15 seagur invisx fluorocarbon. Thanks for watching!


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