Catching BIG Smallmouth Bass in RAGING Waterfall

Minnesota smallmouth fishing in heavy current produced some quality fish. The waterfall had the fish stacked up behind the river eddy. Spinnerbaits were the key in the river but we also got some explosive topwater strikes using poppers on the main lake.

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27 Replies to “Catching BIG Smallmouth Bass in RAGING Waterfall”

  1. Dude that was some epic current fishing. I hope you do a catch and cook with some walleye since you are out on an island. That would be cool. Shore lunch or dinner. hahaha

  2. I was wondering if you could help me with something. I recently have been able to fish a private quarry pond and I know their are big fish in it. I went to the lake today and I saw 4 fish all around 3 pounds however none would bite. Then late in the day I hooked into a true 10+ pounder at the surface and he spit the hook. I'm trying to figure out if you would have any advice to find or catch the big fish in the lake. Some information you may need for the lake are it is currently being actively dredged on so I can only go on sundays and also half of the lake is on a 10 foot cliff so when I hook a big one I have to jump down in the water and grabs it. Also I live in Indiana. Please let me know if you have any advice

  3. I saw a tip about how some post spawn smallies will hang out in the heaviest current, and I definitely found that to be true a couple weeks ago in our New England rivers.

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