Catching FAT Bass in a College Tournament…Will We Win??

This was definitely the coldest fishing tournament I have ever fished, but the FAT ones came out to play! But did we have enough to win?!? If you enjoyed this video, make sure you hit that subscribe button and leave a comment below!

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42 Replies to “Catching FAT Bass in a College Tournament…Will We Win??”

  1. One spot out but 12th out of how many total boats? Dude that’s not bad considering conditions u were facing. One good kicker and you’re there. That’s fishing. Awesome vids

  2. Sucks to finish one place short but I would say it was a small win in being able to figure out a pattern in those tough conditions. Good luck the rest of season! Go ahead and knock the next one out of the park. Be blessed and in pursuit of purpose.

  3. Dang it man! That stinks! Hey I have one question. Is fishing with more experienced anglers a good way to become "pro" I guess you could call it? If so how do you recommend I do it? Great video though man! Once again, one of my big role models!

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