Catching Largemouth bass on windy days


Extreme Angler TV season 11 eps 1-One this episode of Extreme Angler TV, Karl is faced with high winds and rolling waves on one of his favorite cottage country lakes while filming a show for largemouth bass on shorelines. This show is as real as it gets and Karl pulls out all the stops trying to locate and catch some decent fish for a show and by being persistant and using past knowledge of windy day largemouth, he locates a winning pattern!


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30 Replies to “Catching Largemouth bass on windy days”

  1. I am going to say it. I love watching these shows. They make it look so exciting with the music and all…fish damn near jumping in the boat all on their own. I unfortunately am that sorry ass fishing from the shore that has only 3 or 4 places to work with. Over grown with weeds, mosquitos from hell, spiders in great abundance and half the time fishless. I catch just about more rheumatism and hell from my wife than anything else. He said he doesn't care about the sun! Let me tell you! I get baked to such a crisp I come home with the consistency of jerky. Just kidding, I do pretty well but I do have days like the one I just described.

  2. Caught three 2-2.5 pounders yesterday in two hours at the local pond when it was windy. Stayed close to the ledges like you mentioned, Texas rigging a creature bait.

  3. Did he say first 50 fish?
    Where I'm from, you are lucky if you get 3 for the day. Think the pro's should come try fish our waters and see how well they do!

  4. There is nothing better than fishing aggressive largemouths with a frog. The explosions gets you PUMPED! 

  5. you should really try using a swim jig as one of your horizontal presentations. I catch tons of bass on a 3/8 oz swim jig with a rage craw as a trailer here in Wisconsin in areas just like your fishing.

  6. Trust me, I would love the opportunity, but the investment in time and cost alone for a Canadian to seriously compete is 'huge' and not realistic. Some have tried but in the end, it comes down to having real deep pockets. Thanks for watching.

  7. Strike King perfect plastics for largemouth bass and of course the Snag Proof frogs for exciting topwater action.

  8. im just a college bass fisherman and all, but have you ever considered trying for the bassmaster elite series? you seem to be extremely skilled with your preparation tactics

  9. I'm usually like, "Let me just catch 1 fish" from the lake shores I fish and you're like "I'll just catch one more then I'll go home." lol

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