Catching Monster Largemouth Bass in Central Florida Hawg Trough.


I had the pleasure of taking my Chicago repeat clients, Vinnie and Mike largemouth bass fishing in Central Florida. They wanted to catch some big bass on this charter. Instead Vinnie caught his personal best largemouth bass which weighed 9.25 lbs. There were three seven pounders caught as well. It was just an absolute incredible day of Florida largemouth bass fishing. The fishing is great and the clients are awesome. This was a fun trip for me to guide.

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13 Replies to “Catching Monster Largemouth Bass in Central Florida Hawg Trough.”

  1. Another. Great. Video. Welcome to central Florida. We got some big ones up here. That grass was perfect for topwater. Had a lot of luck on a Rapala x rap propeller lately. That water looks good for a Whopper plopper too. But if I was catching fish like that I don’t think I’d experiment too much. 😎

  2. Lake Jackson and WHERE? Shane, EVERYTIME i see your boat i love it more, i hate a large cockpit on board, it just takes away from the casting platform, you don't need it. outstanding!

  3. Hey Ken from Kansas here what a great day on the lake buddy you definitely put them on them who cares about numbers when your catching quality I could go all day with one donkey and be happy, great job Shane

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