Catching Pre Spawn Largemouth Bass in the Rain

A tough day on the water beats a good day at work, unless your job is fishing… In this video, we’re fishing for pre-spawn Largemouth Bass in Central Florida (Butler Chain of Lakes). The water was cold as a result of a recent cold front, and it was cloudy with a slight rain. Dead sticking a super fluke produced the most bites, although I did catch on on top water with a Smithwick Devil’s Horse.


4 Replies to “Catching Pre Spawn Largemouth Bass in the Rain”

  1. Great video Chuck. I have a Devil's Horse that belonged to dad. Many times, friends have been going through my tackle box, and asked, "What's this, and can I use it"??? Of course, the answer is always "NO". I don't want to lose it, so I'm not going to let THEM lose it either.

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