Catching Some Bass on Stockton Lake, September 2017

Catching Some Bass on Stockton Lake, September 2017!

Went fishing at Stockton Lake, Again! Friday, September 8th. I decided to fish Stockton again, as I was skunked there on the 5th when fishing 3-4 hours.

Beautiful day, started about 11am after picking up my boat from Dave Blum, a Great boat mechanic and best walleye fishermen in the state, probably. Almost no wind. Which if you’ve ever fished more than one time there, you’d know why sailboats abound on the lake. Usually, even when it’s not windy, it’s windy.
So, around 3 pm, after pounding my usual spots in Hartley branch and Mutton Creek, I decided to fish my way back to Stockton state park, and try something other than crankbaits and tube lures. I’d recently been studying some on ‘Ned Rigs’ so decided to get some, and try them out.
I fished some beautiful bass cover, ledge rocks, with car sized boulders in only 2-4 foot of water.
Boy, will the smallmouth bite the Ned Rig. Especially, with a 2″ ‘It’s Money’, ZMan’s TRD (turd) bait! The largemouth and kentuckies loved it too! Sorry, I was down a camera, that’s why it’s a short 45 second video. Be sure and subscribe to our channel, with almost weekly fishing gear giveaways here….. !