Catching Striped Bass with Live Eels

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Kayak Kevin Whitley explains how to catch big striped bass with live eels.

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45 Replies to “Catching Striped Bass with Live Eels”

  1. Here in eastern nc live eels are our "go to" bait they sometimes rush the eel and snap it one time to stun it then come back to swallow it whole it my first choice for live bait then HUGE swim baits or rattle traps…the bigger the better…….tight lines

  2. All i can focus on are your polluted skies being sprayed. The guy in the kayak doesn't even mention a thing about it or is completely ignorant to his surroundings.

  3. Yeah, the chemtrails were immediately obvious.  This reminds me of crappie fishin' on Lake Livingston in East Texas with goldfish, just sittin' by the bank and dropping in a line.

  4. Great striper video! Thumbs up. Check out Striper Soup if you like striper. All about striper. The tackle store opened this year and is dedicated 100% to striper fishing.

  5. Most ive the time Kevin uses reels from the small company Release Reels. or atleast I have seen many pictures of these big stripers with him using one of them. The reel in this vid is an Abu Garcia C3 6500, but its the step up from the 99 dollar C3, i believe the one in the video runs 149, it has double the drag, and is seeled unlike the 99 dollar c3

  6. It depends on the species of eel. Their teeth vary from species to species and I'm not sure which species are in the video. It will feel like thousands of needles clamping onto your hands

  7. Ive seen kayak fishing off breezy pt md ,it might have been these guys, real die hards, watch the rules on live eels ,you can also use small spot and liveline

  8. @ilovefish12341 My Friend I completely agree with your comment, have you realised you have more likes than the video? This is most definitely showing the support from fellow fishermen.

  9. @grandfasherbear
    well we do find them in the stomachs of the striper here in the bay.
    this is a silly argument, so to settle this we wont say that the stripers "eat" eels, but they grab them with they're mouth and then swallow them into they're bellies. but they sure don't "eat" the eels.

  10. when i first caught my flathead that was 30pounds that shit felt like i was reeling in a rock and there was so much pressure onn the pole it felt like a workout, pluse if you have to walk to your spots you might have a 10 gallon bucket half full of water plus more equpiment. that why i feel like its a sport

  11. Very nice! Hard to believe it is already the end of the season up here on Cape Cod. I'd imagine you guys will be hitting the bass hard for at least another couple months. Go get em!

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