Cheap Kayak VS. Expensive Kayak — Fishing CHALLENGE


Today we put a Cheap and Expensive Kayak head to head to see which is better! The most Fish caught wins the Fishing Challenge! Who will catch the most big bass?

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What I film with…
HD Cameara: Samsung Edge —
Gopro Hero 4 Session —
Gopro External Mic —
Skeleton Housing Case —
Chest Mount —
64 GB SD Card —

Reels I fish with…
Worming/Jerkbait: Shimano Curado —
Jig:13 Fishing Concept —
Cranking: Diawa Tatula —
Frogging: Diawa Tatula —
Flipping: Abu Garcia Revo Rocket —
Spinner/Chatter: Abu Garcia Revo SX —
Swimbait: Okuma Citrix —

Rods I fish with…
Worm Rod —
Jerkbait Rod —
Jig Rod —
Cranking rod —
Flippin Stick —
Spinner/Chatterbait rod —
Frog rod —
Swimbait rod —

*the above are amazon associate links*


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26 Replies to “Cheap Kayak VS. Expensive Kayak — Fishing CHALLENGE”

  1. I fish a local kayak tournament were 90% of the field is hobies and i have a cheap 200$ yak and i get top 5 finished out of 50…not the size of the dawg in the fight but the fight in the dawg…great vid bud

  2. This video is a great example that you dont need expensive gear to catch fish. Nice challenge!

  3. I don’t understand why ppl get so excited about catching fish in a cheap kayak. I fish in a 350$ kayaks and just fine lol

  4. Keep up the good stuff man, Shout out in the next video to the marines in North Carolina – Andrew Mitchell

  5. I love your vids and every time I watch them I want to go fishing like BAD. you're a great inspiration keep making these lit vids bro

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