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Crankbait Bass Fishing Clear Water

~A good day on the water. All of the fish in this pond are in prespawn mode. Water temperatures are ranging from 54-58 degrees in this place. However, when I hit another pond down the rode, I found a few bedding bass with eggs. This pond in the video has clear water, the other pond with the bedding fish with eggs had dark Cedar water and was 4-6 degrees warmer then the water in this lake. So I found several bedding bass but none would hit my lures. We have had warm weather last 3 weeks, but now we are about to head into a 5-8 day period of chilly weather with highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s for the last week of April.


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16 thoughts on “Crankbait Bass Fishing Clear Water

  1. Good fish, nice pond.  Congrats on the 2d one you hooked.  Is someone dragging sand out of that pond?

  2. Went to the new Bass Pro Shops in AC this weekend and it's awesome! You'd love it. Sad that I had to go the one weekend that the bass are spawning lol

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