Crankbait Fishing for Spring Time Bass


Tyler Anderson fishes a Squarebill Crankbait to target spring time bass using a MONSTERBASS Hammerhead. Tyler breaks down how to fish this technique into rigging, retrieval, and location.
Tyler Anderson – TylerReelFishing –


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48 Replies to “Crankbait Fishing for Spring Time Bass”

  1. Newbie wannabe fisherman here. You did all catch and release with the fish in this video where it was easy to remove the hook.

    What do u do in the case with the last fish that swallowed the crank bait all the way into the stomach? Do u have a certain technique on removing it without ripping out the guts? Or is this one fish to take home and fry up?

    Thanks. Your vids are informative.

  2. I literally have never caught anything with crankbaits. I watch bass and bluegills follow my crankbait and then swim off. Wtf

  3. The rod and reel don't matter that much. Especially depending on the size crankbait you're using. Smaller ones for panfish you dont need much. I use a Shakespeare pro am with an ugly cast and it works no problem

  4. Tyler is an irresponsible fisherman. He was out with Tacticalbassin and was intentionally trying to hit a duck with his lure. LTB needs to find someone else to represent them. Thumbs down for Tyler.

  5. Great job Tyler. I sure wish I was rudely interrupted like that. I love LTB videos. You guys are always catching fish on the bait that you're showcasing.

  6. that pole set he's using is the best combo I've ever used and great price buutttttttt I used it today had it for a year through on a heavy crank bait whipped it to cast and my pole broke 🙁

  7. Omg I have the exact lure thanks sooo much I've done a caught so many fish on it

  8. so happy I got this bait again in the box. I got the baby bass colored one in a box last fall and now I've got a sexy shad! WOOHOO favorite square bill out there

  9. Everyone come check out my new fishing channel I'll be bringing fun and enjoyable videos

  10. good video. one quick question, been browsing for a new cranking rod. next stop on the FLW BFL in my division is buggs island (Kerr reservoir) in April and I may be utilizing some good ol squarebills…anyway…how do you like the Lews cranking rod. I pretty much exclusively use all Lews reels, and have a good bit of Lews rods as well (custom speed sticks, custom speed stick lights, as well as the Lews TP1s. I would expect the cranking rod to perform exceptional as all of my others Lews rods, was just interested in getting your opinion on it. anything will help. thanks man look forward to hearing from you soon… some nice fish in that little pond btw…

  11. I enjoyed this video mainly for the surprise strikes. That's a good problem to have. It's pond hopping fun!

  12. what's up just subbed .. I need that LTB swag gear .. swing thru hit me up and support the sport . D.Nasty Fishing

  13. Dang you weren't kidding lol them bass are actually pretty decent and btw I think it's cool now that you're with ltb! I have a subscription to them and I love your channel so it's great to have you to show me how to use the baits!

  14. I was using the monster bass square bill that came in my box the other day and I broke it off on a huge bass, it was at least 7 pounds

  15. A lot of crankbait manufacturers are using premium hooks these days. Not always necessary to replace.

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