Crossin’ All The Boundaries

Directed, Shot & Edited by Rebecca Parrish & Brooke Bassin

Exploring race, class, gender, and power in a small Mississippi Delta town through the lens of the 2008 presidential primaries.

Crossin’ All The Boundaries is a journey through Clarksdale, a small town on the Mississippi Delta. Three weeks before the 2008 Mississippi Presidential Primaries, the filmmakers, Rebecca Parrish and Brooke Bassin, travel across boundaries of race and class in this small Southern town to find out how people relate to the candidates and to national politics as a whole.

In this intimate portrait of a political process that can often seem distant and abstract, the filmmakers meet people where they’re at: on the street, at work, in their living rooms, at church, and even golfing at the country club. The film ultimately goes beyond the elections to provide a window into the operations of race, class, gender, and power.