December Megabass Order – Big Bass Dreams Mail Call


Here’s a more thorough walk through of an order that Oliver placed in December on this latest edition of Mail Call.

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29 Replies to “December Megabass Order – Big Bass Dreams Mail Call”

  1. Cool vid..nice to see what ur using…Just order some…black and white and ayu…I trust you…lol… wondering if Lake Lewisvilles trout are able to get into the main lake??

  2. I like to see those megabass lures and get your thoughts and ideas about them. I've been buying more high end lures lately bc I have my basis covered with the cheaper options. I used to rather get 2, 3 or 4 baits than pay same for 1 but now I understand why they are more $$$ to begin with. That pm gill 1.2 is a MUST HAVE….

  3. Great video brother, if you did this Unboxing live, you would have had at least a month worth of questions to answer. Definitely priceless information here to take away from guys!! Oliver just gave you keys to the city, all you have to do now is open the door 👍👍

  4. @40:30 I love the spybait technique! I have experimented myself a lot with it. I have also found a finesse technique with reeling 1/8 Oz. Johnson minnow spin low and slow in the middle of a given water column to be HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. I've got a couple of vids on my channel, and one recently, @10:28(Winter time) & @1:40 (Summer-time), showing this finesse technique and it's effectiveness on targeting bigger, lethargic Hot Summer-time AND Winter Bass.
    Thanks for your tips, I ti=hink you're amazing and look forward to all of your content!

  5. Lol love the double prop plane … Shit the @$&? Up . Wanted to see if you were going to get interrupted lmfao

  6. Oliver, are the new S-Crank colors JDM only? If not, do you know where I could find the Gizzard Shad color?

  7. Is that Orochi to replace the one you dropped in the river? Really enjoyed the Megabass porn in this vid, I've added a Magdraft 8" White Back Shad to my wishlist. Also interested to hear your opinion on the Vatalion hardbait.

  8. Hey Oliver. Great video. From an Aussie that not only throws big baits as a hobby, but also sells them in a store for a living this sort of intel is great. I don’t get time to swim every big bait brand/model we sell so your insight to the attributes of the megabass baits and the little 1%ers that make them different from other brands is invaluable. Thanks.

  9. come to Clear Lake and please tell me you fish the Division Rebel Tackles baits because the Joker is so great to fish. Can't wait until Spring to fish it. Do people know that you are with Megabass or do they think your a little kid having his parents buy this stuff.

  10. where do you order all your Megabass baits from?! OH and when I went to Dicks and bought myself a Spalding basketball I was dropping dunks and 3's like Larry Bird

  11. one of the few people who actually watched the full video, i got into big baits a little over a year ago and just love watching and listening to full in depth videos, when theyre longer like this and some of matt allens videos it seems like more of a conversation then a video, i just cant get enough of these types of videos, just amazing how much you can learn while being 2000+ miles away ( one of the few east coast big bait guys in NC), you matt and tim, as well as swimbait chronicles ( who has seemed to fall off and quit making videos sadly), have taught me so so much and i very much appreciate it and owe my last 3 PB's to you guys, i know youre a smaller channel and it might seem like you dont make a huge impact in the community but man i can assure you that you are changing many people lives, because of you guys i have not stopped conventional tackle but put it more to the side and have literally opened up a new world of fishing which in my mind is a huge feat considering that since it is still in theory very similar to conventional techniques, at the same time it is an extremely different way at targeting the same species, and has made me fall in love more with the sport that i didnt think i could love anymore. Some time this spring i plan on flying out west to fish on a guide trip with you or matt or maybe both. keep it up man and make more of these lecture type videos, im sure im not the only one who really enjoys and appreciates it. once again thank you for everything

  12. Man love these videos! Always enjoy watching them and all the cool stuff I can't buy In the u.s lol. Keep up the good work bruh

  13. Oliver the Orochi XX Levithan’s moderate action suitable for those magnum deep cranks like the 3 1/2 ounce Lucky Craft Magnum 120 DR?

  14. Great video! I'm usually not a huge fan of unboxings, but I really enjoy the way that you make yours. I'm planning on throwing big baits much more often on the Columbia and Willamette in 2018. My parents and my grandpa think I'm crazy for wanting to use an 8 inch lure for bass, but hopefully I'll stick a big one to convince them.

  15. Caught my first LM on a magslow this Fall, awesome baits thx 2 ur suggestions. Fish on homie 🤛🏼

  16. I like you're content! Have you ever thought to try out Oregon, and if you have any recommendations on big baits?

  17. Where TF does this dude get all the $$$ to order all this crap, travel everywhere, film with all this gear, and not work a day??

    This approach doesnt work in my world.

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