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Disney World Bass Fishing with Live Shiners

Bait: Live Shiners
Spinning Gear with 10-12 lb test
Circle hooks

We planned on taking a trip to Disney World for a vacation and a small break from fishing before ICAST. Once Liz saw that our hotel had pontoon boats outside our balcony with power poles on them, I knew she was going to be ready for a fishing trip. So we planned a trip with Captain Bill and he took us out fishing with live shiners, which was a first for both of us. We had a great time and caught 20-25 bass in about 2 hours. Overall a great Florida fishing experience.

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49 thoughts on “Disney World Bass Fishing with Live Shiners

  1. "Do me a favor though" lol that old man. Guess you sound like a dick telling people i know how to fish

  2. can u fish at the actually hotel without buying a charter??? cause I need to know because I am staying there

  3. Another awesome video always wanted to go to Florida and Icast keep up the great work !!!!!

  4. Got my Whopper Plopper from your Bama Frogs store the other day…Super fast delivery,much appreciated…Already got a bunch of bass on it (too many to count)…Just wanted to say thanks!…although I like the 130 plopper better,the little guy catches em too.

  5. You should Let blacktiph Take you out and Catch some goliaths Groupers !!! that will be an awesome video

  6. I usually only fish with lures but decided to give in and try a live blue gill after 3 days of no luck and then caught my PB! 5lb 11oz (not that big)

  7. Good video man as always! Thumbs up two – Peter Cottontail AND Briar Rabbit! On the Pontoon – Reminds me of a country song! =D

  8. does Captain Bill work for Disney?  if so, what a retirement gig!?  you two could catch bass out of a new pot, I swear.

  9. that was nice to let him do his job teaching and not letting on about what you two do. I could tell he likes his job, no reason to let the air out of his sails. shows compassion/respect.

  10. I've gotten off the water taxi at that lighthouse a countless number of times! Feels so weird that I know where this is.

  11. What size KVD treble hooks should i use on the ultimate bluegill. I want to order tonight. Thanks

  12. Pontoon boats are great to fish off of. Not very maneuverable in the water per se, but nice large flat deck to fish off of. Nice job. Looks like you guys had fun.

  13. Yall should take a popping cork or something like that and put a big 8-9 inch shiner (roach) underneath .

  14. So while I'm working the show floor, you are out doing this? LOL, good to meet you and Liz. Stephanie is down for a husband wife fish off

  15. My wife has been bugging me about going to Mickey Mouse Land, a side trip to fish for bass would likely be the high point of the trip for me. One thing that I don't think was discussed is that you DO NOT SET THE HOOK when using circle hooks. The best way to bury them is with steady pressure. This means either setting your drag pretty loose and letting the fish run out all the slack and hook itself; then tightening the drag to fight the fish (which is what I do carp fishing) or letting the fish run a little and simply reeling the hook into them. Folks who insist on "setting" the hook would be better off with a Kahle or "shiner" hook or a treble (not the most advisable for catch and release). Then you can set the hook almost as soon as you detect the strike.

  16. Hey guys if you want/get the chance, I make fishing videos and it'd be awesome if you'd check them out! Let me know what you think if you do. Thanks!

  17. i like how that guy tried helping liz with the reel on the first fish like she isnt a complete 10pound catching boss of a woman

  18. Have you ever thought about coming to North Carolina to fish, we have a few lakes that have bass over 10 pounds!

  19. I had that same captain and he took us to the same spot and my profile picture is the one I caught at a different spot there

  20. Heh bama bass you are a great fisherman I have went on the Disney fishing excursion before to well I have went twice the first time we caught in the forty me my dad and my two brothers last time it wasn't as good but you got ahold of the big ones

  21. Shows what kind of people you and Liz are to not tell that guide that you two have done some fishing here and there lol. Props to you too

  22. my son and I are going Next Thursday morning. We've been to Disney quite a few times but I never thought about fishing

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