Do Bass Eat Frogs In WINTER? (Topwater blowup)

In this video I head out to slay some bass with Ricky!If you want to see more videos like this make sure to hit that like button! New? Subscribe and help me reach 350K Subscribers!!
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44 Replies to “Do Bass Eat Frogs In WINTER? (Topwater blowup)”

  1. learn how to tie leader and u wont loose weak fish on 65lb braid bc id love to watch u fail in australia fishing

  2. Whats up brotha had a question what kind of soft bait do you recommend for the cold weather! Thanks bro

  3. Is the Racoon tan seeeexy??? I would say it shows that a man is deticated to an activity outdoors. It could be attractive or your skin could be 5 shades darker and you could have some furry friends thinking your one of them.

  4. Wit a second dude. You fished all day and there's 1 video of Ricky catching a 1 pounder? Wait till Mike Lendl sees this LMAO

  5. Coming from Scotland where we don't get sun the raccoon face means you work on a building site and don't wash hahahahaha

  6. Hey could somebody help me out please! I just bought a soft bait rod and I was wondering are the eyes are meant to be a little bit flimsy??? Could somebody reply thanks

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