Drop Shot Bass Fishing for Winter Schooling Bass

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvAmUAI2idw&w=560&h=420]

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Using a drop shot and finesse worm to catch some schooling bass.


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42 Replies to “Drop Shot Bass Fishing for Winter Schooling Bass”

  1. Wow, great video. You make it look so easy. Thanks for the tips, I'll try it myself now. Nice boat and equipment! Keep the videos coming, we look forward to seeing them. Let Liz know that it's never too cold to fish with you. : )

  2. awsome Russe ! In Brazil we use much the finesse fishing, and the vertical fishing in the winter !

  3. Ive never used a dropshot but videos like this make we want to. Great video and I love your boat.

  4. *i just bought one for flipping and they're great. My first time drop shotting I landed my pub at 4.5lbs on a baitfish fluke.

  5. Does drop shot work year round? It seems like the deeper you fish the bigger the fish? Are you fishing drop offs? Thx

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  7. That is just cool! Just started learning to use the drop shot and had no idea its winter use…got to give it a try now for sure

  8. Just looked at your homepage and seen you mentioned Alabama? I am in west tn and was wondering if this was shot on the Tennessee river ?

  9. The drop shot is one of my favorite rigs, I normal wacky rig it though.  Works great for cats to 

  10. A tip to keep your line from going bad is to not reel in at all when a fish is pulling the drag. It twists the line and can cause bad spots. You could have the fish of a life time on and lose it because of reeling when the drag was going out. It also wears the reel out faster.

  11. I read all the comments, and know this was quite some time ago, but in case you still check, how long was this shot.  Over what time period did this take place/how much edited time out?  One could only wish the fishing were this fast in the summer let alone winter, and certainly not in WA state for bass!  thanks for the video; I need to try something on the small man made lake I live on which is several salmon streams dammed up, complete with fish ladder, where the water temp rarely rises over 65 even in the summer, and is mostly in the 40's.  Again, thanks for the info.

  12. hey bama is their any way you could show us on the water settings on your bird showing us what to look for as far as the bass on sonar down image and side image and how to set up on them for us meet mortals

  13. I liked this drop shot video. Like to see another one like it! Is the water slightly stained or was it pretty clear? Couple foot visibility? I fished a power generated lake in Illinois with a few steep ledges. Fish generally stack up on the bottom on the break. Was these fish caught on the bottom of the ledge?

  14. Hey, drop shot is supposed to catch smaller fish, but in numbers. You're catching all big fish, so you're doing something wrong. ; p

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