Dropping for Bass on Vertical Cover Tips

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgCc0i-L3-c&w=560&h=420]

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34 Replies to “Dropping for Bass on Vertical Cover Tips”

  1. I dont use 50pound test braid for bass i can under stand if you use that with and alabama rig but just for bass dude really that is way to heavy i have like 8pound test and i may move up yo 10

  2. Justin I would really like to have some tips on fishing in thick grass. Most of the lakes I fish have lots of it.

  3. Justin, What camera system do you use for your videos, including under water videos. They are great – please keep them coming!

  4. It's a mix of gopro and point and shoot style cameras. The new hero 3 shoots really good video

  5. I'm not go after them like I do bass but little crappie jigs and minnows will catch em up

  6. I use an assortment of brands and styles. Some of my favorites are LFT MPack series, Booyah and Santone flipping jigs

  7. Absolutely. Golf courses have some of the best bass fishing around. I still fish them on foot!

  8. It seems where I fish it is hard to get bites on jigs wht are some good ways to catch them

  9. great tips! especially like the use of the trolling motor to assist in getting some slack in the line when you cast

  10. 20 lb for bass ,are you serious ???!! I'm using 6 lb fluorocarbon and got no problem at all…

  11. What I mean is? What is the jig you are holding in this video with the loud rattles

  12. can u explain this to me? ive seen all of these pro fishermen using bait-casting reels and personally i like spinning reels better. is there a certain reson u and other pros use bait-casting?

  13. Spinning reels don't seems to take heavy line very well. You can be more accurate with a baitcaster. You have better control of your casting with a baitcaster which is important for pitching or flipping into shallow water so you don;t spook the fish. II only use spinning reels for line 15lbs and under, and for shaky heads or wacky rigs etc.

  14. Heavy line is used in situations where your line can break easily. 6lb fluoro is not going to cut it on lakes with heavy vegetation, or if you're using bristleguarded jigs like he is. If you're fishing 6lb line, and you catch a 5lb bass on okeechobee, you're probably going to drags in another 5 or 7 lbs of weeds.

  15. We use whatever rod and reel combo best fits the situation. Fishing around heavy cover and for bigger bass, the bait caster is much more effective for getting fish it the boat. The spinning rods just cant handle the bigger line life the bait caster and have much slower gear ratios for pulling in line quickly when you need to. They are however much better with lighter lines and lures and open clear water.

  16. It was an LFT MPACK Series Jig. I just had one rattle in, but you can add two and make it clack pretty good.

  17. hey justin, quick question, how do you make the ending where you have links to other videos. by that i mean how do you make the big video and little ones on it? i would love to do that in my videos as well!

  18. I watched this video the other day right before i went out to a spot i knew was gonna have nice stumps in the water, down trees, and a hard sandy-like bottom where i like to throw some jig n pig. It helped a lot and caught some nice fish! Thanks man!

  19. Lake Fork Guy you are the man!!! I watch your videos all the time and have learned some really good stuff. Thanks for putting out all your "Tip" videos. By the way I used to live in College Station, Texas. Gig'em Aggies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If your ever in California lets go fishing.

  20. I love bass fishing I am from Tampa FL and I fish a lot of small ponds and lakes can you recommend a good brand of fishing sunglasses for sight fishing there is a million and you seem to know your fishing thank you for the instructional vids its nice to have someone explain the basics I've been getting my chi back lol

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