Early Winter Bass Fishing : Tips For Winter Bait

We go back to the only place I can catch Bass! We try hit up some Early Winter Bass, I know they are Spotted Bass in this area but again the Cold Weather Fishing has proven Hard Fishing Is upon us..
So Also in this video I will Go over some Baits and Lures For Fall and Winter Bass Fishing And One last tip on How To Tie a Palomar Knot.
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5 Replies to “Early Winter Bass Fishing : Tips For Winter Bait”

  1. Fished at 2 different locations. First location i caught 2 small longeared sunfish on live bait, worms. After that nothing. Got in my truck and moved on to my 2 place. Fished a lipless crankbait for a while until I got hung up on a log and lost it. Then I fished a Texas rigged Yum Dinger, still nothing. Then went to a little panfiish jig. Nothin'. So I packed it up and went home. Great video. I like using the palomar knot too.

  2. Im trying to get me some damn gulp minnows! Have been to 3 different wal-mart's and 2 bait shops. Guess im gonna try cabelas and see. I have not used the gulp minnows seen realistic using them so i wanna give them a try! Also at least you went to taco bell after the fishing lol

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