East River Monsters? Hunting For The Legendary ZOMBIE FISH (Striped Bass) Of New York City

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxjnnLWag7M&w=640&h=480]

Halloween! New York City has a dark history of contaminated water. Fished with John and crew hitting up the harbor bite in search of some East River Monsters.

False Albacore caught on 7/8 oz epoxy jig in Green/White

Stripers & Blues jigged and caught on 3 way rigs with chartreuse EliasVFishing shads and eels. Shads available on Amazon – or www.EliasVFishing.com

Striper set up
Rod Daiwa Saltist M power 15-40lb –
Reel Daiwa Saltist 20h –
80lb braid –

Albies –
Rod: ChunkzCustoms.com EliasVFishing rod
Reel Kastking Orcas 15lb braid –

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31 Replies to “East River Monsters? Hunting For The Legendary ZOMBIE FISH (Striped Bass) Of New York City”

  1. Lot of possible reasons, seals, gaffs, toxic, mutants, catch and release….no matter what the reason this is the hot spot for this stuff! Feel free to leave your explanation! C & C are back next week. Hobie Compass review this Thursday.

  2. you should do a catch and cook with carp, i did my own sort of catch and cook with one out of curiosity.. i let the meat sit in salt water which extracted residual blood and it tasted pretty good

  3. The sores and lesions on the bass is called bacteriosis. It's an immune disease caused by lower level oxygen. It particular effects stripers. If you cut one open you will see, even the meat is mushy and the organs are sometimes discolored. Meaning the organs are not the colors they should be. Sometimes there is also a smell. A badly effected fish should not be eaten. Most are ok to eat. Happens in Chesapeake as well.

  4. Still blows my mind… even some rivers up here in northern canada… living in a world where we KNOW our water is toxic. Just keep buying bottled water.BlowsMyMind.

  5. Guys I've been fishing in these sewers for years. I'm not sure if it's just the waters or lots of other things. I've seen blues hit bass an other blue when in a feeding frenzy! BUT I practice catch an release for a lot reasons an zombie fish is definitely one of them!

  6. At least there are fish living in the East River. I think back in the 60's and 70's there was nothing living in the East River. Jamaica Bay back then was bad too. Nobody caught the quality fish that you catch now.

  7. What? People can have scoliosis but fish cant.? How do you know those fish just weren't identifying as city dwellers.

  8. Love these videos. Elias' voice is similar to Ray Romano but it's a perfect match to the late Harold Ramis. It was bugging me until it finally dawned on me who he sounded like.

  9. Whenever I fish the East river, I take my rod named "Rick Grimes" to clear out all those "walker" fish…

  10. That second striper you caught with the red spots is from a disease called Mycobacteriosis. Don’t ever eat a fish with this and if you touch it was your hands and gear very well.

  11. Those fish are Nasty; what a shame! Definitely not eating any fish out there! Makes you wonder what is in that water and who is dumping what in that water?

  12. Wow. Reminds of fishing with my uncle as a kid on the Detroit River back in the mid to late sixties. Lots of chemical waste and zombie fish. It has cleaned up considerably since then. Quite remarkable actually. Sorry to see the sick fish in your video though. They must be under lots of stress. My sense is that it is sewage type waste and bacteria/viruses. Bluefish looks like it tangled with a large ship propeller.

    I’m thankful for the EPA. Regardless of what others say.

  13. In Bridgeport, I once caught a 29" striper on a tidal section of the Pequonnock River that practically had no meat. It was very slender and hardly fought.

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