EASY Largemouth BASS RECIPE! Yum!

Don’t let the holidays keep you from fishing and eating your catch my friends! Get outside and expose yourself to the great outdoors! That new years resolution of losing weight doesn’t have to start in 2016…It can start NOW! Go fishing, walk in the woods…alone….so you’ll burn more calories when running from zombies, pick up something heavy, like your tackle box, exercise, be happy, enjoy life!…..and then go fishing AGAIN! Heck, you might even catch a few if you keep watching VentureTube! Guys use this simple recipe to create a delicious meal that’s a healthier alternative to deep frying and whip yourself back into that good looking fisherman your wife fell in love with…Not this ugly creature lurking around with a stick of graphite.. So get off your butt’s and go fishing already!…the TIME is NOW! C’MON!


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  1. I'm new to fishing, mainly all of my life I've had catfish and carp, I've been wanting to catch some bass but on other videos people really bash on those that like bass. I assume the large mouth mainly because they have no problem with white bass. I don't understand why they say it tastes terrible. I'd like to hear others opinions

  2. I gotta say, I've seen people get so mad at others for keeping Bass as food. Usually I'll see people hate on bass recipes, but this video, no hate comments at all! Good Eating!

  3. @Venture you should try baking your fish in aluminum foil, onions, lemon juice, garlic and a few drops of extra virgin olive oil. And I'm glad to see a fisherman that is not afraid to catch and eat largemouth bass. I am subscribing I am a float tube fisherman rather was…tore tendons in right leg..so I am debating Hobbie PA, Native Propel 10, or Moken Lure 10 or 11.5. Your thoughts are welcomed.

  4. Try laying your fillets on a paper towel while you do the prep work. Then put them on the plate with the oil. If you get them dry is seems to let the oil and seasoning work better. One piece of bacon in the pan does wonders too.

  5. Great video. I live in Missouri and have never even met anyone that has eaten bass. I've eaten Crappie, Catfish, Suckers, Bluegill, Walleye, Perch and spent 13 years in Florida so every type of Ocean fish you can imagine. I was just always under the impression that it wasn't a good tasting fish. I fished bass tournaments for years and we know the importance of culling bass out of smaller lakes try to keep the population healthy. We even went as far as to take these culled fish and put them in other lakes or ponds because I didn't want to just kill them. I wish I would have seen your video before all that. lLol
    What do you compare it to as far as other fish? Love Crappie & Grouper. Looks like bass for dinner tomorrow.

  6. +VentureTube great recipe. though i'd reccommend squashing/crushing the clove of garlic just a little bit so it releases its flavours a little more.

  7. I tried this last week. It turned out great! I'm very impressed with the minimal cook and prep time for such a good tasting meal. Thanks for sharing. I cook fish at least once a week and this will be one of my new go to meals!

  8. dumb question but gotta ask. can you really taste the garlic even though it's a whole clove not diced or minced? Also the video was very nice. MC

  9. C'MON Tony now you've gone and done it, the only fresh water fish i have eaten is catfish and gar. but never a bass but this recipe is good enough to convince me to try one on my next camping trip. good video see you at KATS open

  10. Great video, yummy looking fish! Merry Christmas to you and your family, thanks for your hard work doing the videos and sharing with us! W.

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