EPIC Trip Back East! | Major Lesson In Bass Fishing History

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNcNKI8CRwY&w=640&h=480]

Matt just got back from an awesome fishing trip in Kentucky and Tennessee! He met up with some great guys and fished a bunch of lakes, even fishing a tournament on Dale Hollow!

There are a bunch of fishing videos coming from the trip, including a first-person perspective from the Billy Westmoreland Invitational Tournament.

In the meantime, Matt got in front of the camera to share his thoughts and experiences from the trip. He got a lot more than he bargained for when he walked back through the history of Smallmouth Bass fishing in Tennessee and he shares his perspective in this video.

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Strike King 10XD Crankbait:
Spro RockCrawler Crankbait:

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46 Replies to “EPIC Trip Back East! | Major Lesson In Bass Fishing History”

  1. Wish I would have known you all where on Cave Run that's my home lake. Keep up the good work. Look forward to seeing some of the footage.

  2. Had a three day trip to Dale Hollow in the spring with my brother. We heard all the history about the lake and HAD to go. Love that lake and that trip. Will go back again soon. Good vid!

  3. Yall really need to quit livewelling all those good fish!!! statistics say 50% of fish that are livewelled for more than 3 hours die

  4. Tell you what meet Mama T Charles Taylor's wife when I was doing the Rockland trade show in Suffren N.Y. an she gave me some of Billy's lures to try the silver buddy's. Glad to say over 30 years later were still catching mousse smallies on them! Just fished up state N.Y. off the Hudson river in 37 degree water an had a blast. Somethings never die!

  5. I believe you are correct on that Matt a bass is a bass no matter where you are. If you haven't seen Keepinitreel fishing check it out he loves the big swimbaits and he is on the east coast. Thanks for all you are doing in your inspirational and great explanations of baits, fishing tactics. I'm from Indiana and I've caught several 4 to 5 pounders using some of the bait kitsch are the best.

  6. How were you able to fish so many lakes back east without your boat & tackle?? Did you borrow a boat and bring some of your own tackle??

  7. I'm planning a fishin triip into Kentucky and Tennesee out of my Lewistown, Mt. home this coming May to see some of the sights you saw back east. Historical bass fishin in my older age. This will be the 3rd time in 68 years that I've been on the other side of the Mississippi River, in my life. I was 8 and 18 for the first two times.
    Remember 1958 and 1968, anyone? I do. Good rock and roll music back then. Fishin was pretty good, too.

  8. Did you catch any fish on Cave run? I live in Eastern Kentucky, and go to college there right beside Cave run, pretty cool you came this way. That Caesar guy sounds super familiar to me also

  9. Man Matt such an amazing video, fishing is huge in my life and you bring this to light and make me realize I know NOTHING. Thanks for a history lesson I actually care about. I know I say it all the time but so appreciative that you guys take us along on your life, best YouTube channel out there! Jacked to see your next video! Keep being pioneers of our sport!

  10. Great video man! Fishing enthusiasts around the country know of Tennessee's fishing, but most fail to comprehend the diversity of species, quality of fish, and convenience of travel to fish some of the great reservoirs and river systems in the US. Not many places in the world (if any) where within a 3 hour drive a 30+ lb striper, 40+ lb channel cat, 8 lb largemouth, 5 lb smallie, 40 inch muskie, and a limit of crappie is a legitimate possibility (probably not during the same time of the year though. lol)! The Clinch River system has stripers, great smallmouth, trout and muskie. The TN River system consistently produces double-digit largemouth, big brown bass, big stripers and lots of quality tasty white bass and crappie. The Cumberland River system has big blue cats and great numbers of channel cats, and good sauger and walleye populations to go along with really good largemouth fishing (and a ton of big, fun-to-fight yet aggravating drum)!

  11. Just hearing Matt talk about the world of bass fishing was awesome and it’s crazy to think about how people have been pursuing bass fishing for sooo many years and we don’t even know how much or how little it’s impacted ourselves, it really awesome to think about

  12. Thanks Matt, for the reminders… I was lucky enough to know some record holders and chasers as a kid (in Washington State), *State record crappie, smallmouth and blacktail deer, to name a few. It's always good to remind myself of the things they taught me.
    I'm also in a kind of unique situation, as far as history goes, having set bass fishing aside for many years and recently opening back up a tacklebox that is like a time machine and applying what's in it to a new coast and relearning with all the new stuff that came along while I was away.The Alabama rig isn't from Alabama?

  13. Well said, Matt…I remember Billy and his tv show…yes indeed, a true legend.Great experience for you. Are you still guiding full time?…Are you being sponsored?…Just wondering..take care.

  14. Who are the 7 jerks who gave this a "thumbs down"????? Idiots. Matt and Tim are beasts on the water. I'm sure the 7 are just jealous and probably suck at bass fishing. 😜

  15. Matt, 

    This was powerful, I only have my dad and he loves fishing. We do as much fishing as we can but to know that there are still legends out there is truly awesome. 
    keep up the completely awesome videos, this content is truly unique.


  16. 100% correct about that history!! Great point for those that may not be informed about the rich history and pride the "early" comers to the sport put in. We have a bunch of those type of guys right here in our own backyard too that just dont get credit for their accomplishments anymore as time washes out the facts. Glad you had an awesome trip

  17. whats up from Kentucky I live a little over an hour from cave run but never fished and I here there are some nice musky in there

  18. Nice job Matt. btw – History is never lost – it's right there in front of us. One simply needs to look for it.

  19. I may not speak for everyone…so take this with a grain of salt. But I would LOVE to see you guys do more videos of you guys simply going out and fishing. Like the video of Tim (I think) fishing for smallies in that super clear water. It'd be sweet to just watch you guys go out with a gopro and fish and watch how you adapt to the conditions and when you throw different baits and stuff like that. I love your guys' info and gear reviews, but I would love to see, for instance, all of your catches from the tournament or something like that!

  20. Matt and Tim you guys are simply the best. Glad you liked Dale Hollow, it’s a tough fishery but there are fish there to be caught, and big ones at that. Come back soon ?

  21. Great video Matt I don't care if I have to borrow the money I'm gonna come fish with you before to long

  22. It wasn't all that unusual to run into one or two of the southern boys here in California in the 70s fishing for ole browns at Shasta and Trinity! They were dead serious about Smallmouth fishing and Trinity was the preferred spot. There were fewer Smallmouth in Trinity then there were in Shasta but they were larger.
    I never met more hospitable guys then some of the Southern boys. At first they looked at us with our long hair, tie dye shirts and tattoo's like they wanted to string us up. Once the word 'fishing' was mentioned all was good. We spent one week fishing with Scooter Herring, Allman Brothers band.
    Interesting note most of the fishing back then was done with live bait. This was the era where plastics took shape. Plastics were frowned upon back then just has live bait is now lmao. They used to melt all over your plastic tackle box.. well I can go on forever just like any old man I guess

  23. Loved this video!!! I grew up in Tennessee with smallmouth being my favorite species. I finally went to dale this past spring and caught my personal best. I can’t wait to go back!! Will be looking forward to your footage from being there.

  24. Some "new" Technics are actually old. Can't recall or find his name but a pro came up with the idea of adding a blade in front of a jig probably a decade before chatterbaits came out.

  25. Let's put some of that West Coast big bait fishing style to use on Rayburn, Toledo Bend, Fork and Lake Noconiche

  26. Looked up Billy’s past videos and lures amazing time to be a fisherman The respect for each other and the fish willing to help out others sports bring friends together not just a competition

  27. That's right that's what it's all about we all had to learn how to bass fish from someone great video keep it up

  28. Great seeing someone so into the history of the sport. Family vacations when i was growing up where to whatever lake was featured in Bassmaster magazine that month am 61 now and still addicted.

  29. Awesome video hope you guys shed some light on some these fishermen and their techniques. Love seeing the history of this stuff

  30. Born and bred Tennessean here.. thanks for letting people know the history of bass fishing in Tennessee. Maybe ill run into on the water out there one day.. Watts Bar is killer for smallmouth also… many 8 lbers there

  31. Awesome, little closer to my area. I am usually fishing on Pickwick in northern Alabama. If you ever get around it it's one of the few you can catch decent sizes of all three.

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