Exploring a New Creek that has BIG BASS

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-trF6Jua7jg&w=640&h=480]

Insanely clear creek bass fishing in Texas.

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38 Replies to “Exploring a New Creek that has BIG BASS”

  1. Just got my new Defender rod in the mail today I unboxed it and it is one beautiful rod I cannot wait to try it out on the water keep up the good work Rob and thank you for your service sir

  2. You made a comment that fishing is so expensive. True it is, but there is NOTHING like having a big ol bass on the end of your line! Maybe seeing a big ol bass hit topwater (love it). It is totally worth the money.

  3. Am I the only one who read it as “ Exploring a new creek that has BIG ASS” by mistake?

  4. Love lunkers videos! That is the biggest creek I've seen. Creek I fish by my house for bass is 10 feet wide at it's widest and maybe 4 feet deep at the pools. I catch 4 or 5 lbers out of it using ned rig

  5. The weather is bipolar in Wv as well..it’s starting to get very annoying lol..especially when you bass fish all year around!

  6. not a good day when you spill your coffee. just saying. i spilled my coffee this morning and totaled my truck shortly after …. great

  7. Here in MN we still have snow your lucky to be out on the boat we are still ice fishing

  8. Damn 20 pound test that’s a little low I use 30 braided on a pole that is probably 65 years old and will break before the line

  9. You should come down south to Ganado Texas there is a big lake it's man made lake it is called lake texana there is some big catfish in there

  10. Rob! What brand of sunglasses are you wearing when you launched on the southern part of the lake?

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