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Fall Bank Fishing with PowerBait Craws – Bass Fishing Soft Plastics

It’s fall and I am out bass fishing the bank with PowerBait soft plastic craws. I am trying both the Chigger Craw and the Power Claw. I get off to a shaky start when I am thrown off my game. Some guy in a boat pulls right up to the bank I am about to fish. After he leaves the area I finally get a bite on the PowerBait Power Claw, but I fail to hook the fish. I continue fishing and get another bite on the same craw, but this time my line snaps on some concrete rip rap in the water. Now frustrated, I change lures to a soft plastic Chigger Craw. I finally catch a bass at Snag Central despite being shaken. In this fall bass fishing showdown between the PowerBait Craws, the Chigger Craw comes out on top.

Here is another video showing how courteous local boaters are:


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30 thoughts on “Fall Bank Fishing with PowerBait Craws – Bass Fishing Soft Plastics

  1. Man I swear! All of the bass boat guys just troll right up to the bank with the shore fishermen. May as well park the boat and come and stand beside me and fish. Why have a boat?

  2. Pretty sure you lost me when you started crying about the guy in the boat, you were no where near the spot he was beginning his troll. You sprinted over there like a whiny baby. As someone who fishes from the bank a lot, it sounded like whining more than having a valid complaint. Just focus on the fishing vice being an argumentative and whiny douchebag

  3. Glad you finally caught one Alex! That one that didn't get hooked looked like it might have been a pretty big one! Hopefully you'll get him next time! Keep on keep in it real bro!

  4. I lose a lot of fish on the craw too! I believe it's because when a bass eats a crawfish they first rip off the claws, then eat the rest. I fish some really soft craws and they will actually come up and rip off the claw but not get hooked. Still a total fish catcher, fish love them. Nice catch!

  5. thats the plus of getting a boat…an that guy in the boat probably spends a lot more money than you on fishing which means he supports local DNR and Fisheries more than you with that money. so look at it that way. wr need more ppl like him.

  6. He can go wherever he wants to go. It’s public property. If u had a boat you would target the bank to like every other bass angler in the world

  7. Nice! I'm trusting Walmart more and more. Some guys are pricks! Either lonely, or want some of your action. Idiots.

  8. First comment on your show and you rock!!! I am such a fan!! I have recently started fishing again and tried alot of stuff you have shown on your show and it has definitely helped. Please keep em coming in love your show man!!

  9. I hate when a person on a boat comes right to the bank!! My wife, kiddo and myself was having a good night fishing when this happened to us, I tried as hard as I could to put my jig in there boat.. I have a bass boat and when I see people fishing on the bank I go to a different spot to let them have the space and fun there! Like the video buddy!

  10. For me it only takes one fish to turn the day around. Nice! Thanks for sharing. liked and subscribed.

  11. Nothing like a asshole in a boat. They wake me in my Yak all the time. I loved your Stick Bass! I catch them all the time!

  12. Nice, I love fishing but man I can't wait for Ice fishing. For now I have to film my hunting videos haha

  13. Just keep casting man. Can't fret over the dude on public water, he didn't roll right up on you. I've literally had a boat move RIGHT IN FRONT of me while I was bank fishing. They saw me catching fish and setup right on top of me.

  14. I feel bad but I find myself hoping for shit to irritate you. Watching you get cranky cracks me up. Sorry but I have to be honest.

  15. How well do you think either one of those crawls would work as Jig Trailers? Might have to shorten them up a little though….

  16. wow that water is like Glass…. mad props to you for the camera wipe. I can't tell you how many shots have been ruined in the past because I didn't wipe the lens haha… I have never understood why guys get in boats then fish from a bank area that they could have just walked up to I guess nothing was biting anywhere else.

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