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Fall Bass Fishing (CRAWFISH SPAWN)

Alright, despite the fact that I caught a few fish on a senko (and let’s face it, senkos always catch em’), the Crawfish style/imitation baits are on this Fall! I honestly didn’t know that the crawfish spawned; not just in the spring but the fall as well- which would explain why I’ve been seeing so many bright red craws roaming around the shallows lately. For me, dragging brush hogs, working baits slow on the bottom and grinding craw colored cranbkbaits in my last few trips, have produced! Hope this video helps you guys put more fish in the boat this fall!

Also, check out Out West with Chris!

1. Seeing crawfish roaming around (assuming that is part of your body of waters’ forage)
2. 50-60 degree water temps (Crawfish spawning temp)
3. Roaming bass that are tight to the bottom and your moving mid/high-column baits chatterbait/swimjig/topwater bait bites have slowed.

Power shot rig and setup explained;

Rod –
Reel –
Bait (Raspberry Shard or Green Pumpkin) –
Line –
Leader (20#) –
Hook –

Crank bait (blood craw) –
Drop shot (green weenie) –
Senko (watermelon magic) –

Nativewatercraft Titan 13.5

My Kayak Tacklebox –
Werner Kalliste Paddle –
Lifevest –
Kayak Waterproof boots –

GoPro 4 Black (rear cam/chesty) –
iPhone 6+ (HD shots) –
Memory Card –

GoPro Chest Mount –
iPhone Waterproof Case –
Tripod for GoPro/iPhone –
*above are associate links*

Music Credit:
Funk City – Reatch – SoundCloud (No Copyright Music)



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34 thoughts on “Fall Bass Fishing (CRAWFISH SPAWN)

  1. Tip: when you are using a top water lure and you miss a bite, try throwing at wacky rig or a texas rig brush hog right away at the same place you miss the bite with the top water lure. 95% of the time youll catch that fish and if it work for you give me a shout out.. lol

  2. another good video, I'm glad you met up with Out West with Chris, he's got alot of good videos.I used the Power shot after watching your last video, caught a couple nice keepers, so thankyou for teaching this old dog something new

  3. Hey Greg, I'd like to see if you throw maybe a 4" Keitech with a 1/8 oz swim bait hook if the bass would be more willing to bite a moving bait. I was throwing a chatterbait and bigger swim baits last week at Guntersville Lake and it wasn't till i downsized to something smaller that I started getting hit. I know you're in a totally different part of the country, but the water clarity with the scattered grass looks about the same. This time of year the bass are gorging on shad and craws for the winter, and the red craw you had in your vid is the same exact color as they are at Guntersville right now.

  4. Solid rig! Hard to tell from the angles, but if you tie on your hook on with a palomar knot and then run the tag back through the eye (from front to back), then attach your weight, it will cause the hook and bait to always stick out perpendicular to your line increasing action and creating a more realistic presentation.

    I assume you already know this, but in a couple shots it looked like the bait was hanging a little vertical so I figured I'd throw it out there. Helped me a lot when I learned about it.

    Good shit buddy, you're on par with the big dogs of the youtube bass fisherman!

  5. In a few more weeks the males will start 'dancing' for females, it's a series of clicking noises, chest pumps and standing up tall to look as big as they can. They prefer mating near hard rocky crack sub surfaces. Find some rocky substrate surfaces even if all you have is launch ramp spoils. Fish the rocky/soft bottom transition and you'll be surprised at what you get. Big bass like watching them dance too lol. Incoming and outgoing tide…. I know it's hard to break away from the big ones you're seeing but if they're not biting they're spooked.

  6. I mentioned this to Chris the other day – That area you fish I think gets so much pressure that the big girls just spook so easily.Its funny cause I hate fishing down there to me it's a completely different fishery. Great Video as always.

  7. You might not be all the guys you mentioned dude but you have your game on .. Didn't you place 3rd overall this year if I remember right? .. That's saying you know your stuff dude .. Like you said always learning .. That's what we do in all walks of life .. Where I live I'm mostly a trout fisherman .. But since watching your videos you've given me the bug to swing more into the bass fishing .. Been trying to hook up with my brother down in Bama so can check out some of the ponds and lakes his way .. Another sweet video Greg! .. Peace! 😎🇺🇸😎🇺🇸😎🇺🇸😎🇺🇸

  8. You make some of the others look like clowns, as far as just fishing and making an entertaining video with strong information, you're doing awesome.

  9. Thanks for the Shout out Greg! Had a great time fishing with ya and like others have said, don't sell yourself short, I've learned a ton from watching your channel.

  10. Dude, don't sell yourself short. Most of the guys you listed are fishing "tame" fish in private lakes and ponds, while you are out here hammering wild fish on public water! Your knowledge is superior on the water in that respect.

  11. Awesome video and appreciate the education on the "dual crawfish spawn"! Did not realize that…and as always, great video – I'm jealous of that kayak!!! Also, PM'd ya a few weeks back if you have a chance to take a look…keep the vids coming!!!

  12. Your videos are always great dude!! that power shot looks really interesting…..definitely going to put it to the test….thanks bro!

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