Fall Bass Fishing: Going finesse

Tactics I like to use when the water is getting cold and the air temp as well:

1. at the very beginning of fall, I like to throw crank baits such as lipless and square bills, to imitate shad moving and at the time bass are trying to eat as much as they can before they go deep during the winter.

2. Fish structure, a lot of times bass will be held up on structure because thats where the bait fish are and also things that would make an easy meal. so fish close to structure and barely work your bait by it

3. when the cold really take effect, i like to throw suspending jerkbaits and slow moving baits on the bottom, such as a shakey head or drop shot. Your trying to keep that bait in the strike zone as long as you can, and also small baits such as grubs and jigs work great all year round

4. lastly, to try to catch the bigger fish of your pond or lake, you want to try to throw baits that would eliminate smaller fish from eating it, and just having the big ones come out, and i would use a big ribbon tail worm, jig or a slow moving swim bait, it really just applies to what type of forge is in the lake or pond. and dont forget to use scent such as garlic or crawfish smelling scent to attract those fish from a longer distance on the bottom.

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