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Fall Bass Fishing Tips & Tricks!

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In this episode I explain another look into fall bass fishing outside of the normal approach. I also share some tips and tricks to lures I have been using over the last few season to catch much larger bass, sit back and enjoy!


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30 thoughts on “Fall Bass Fishing Tips & Tricks!

  1. hey watch u all the time need help need 2 di/si units to pair so i can troll back to waypoints without spooking fish have 2000 to spend need your advice on what to get

  2. You are the absolute man IF! I swear you really do have the most informative videos out there! Pun intended. I watch a LOT of videos and I always come back to yours when I can't find an answer that I'm searching for. Way to really help keep the sport alive.

  3. Great video Nick like always! Trying to make it out to IF'mas, but I also need to come cat fishing at your home lake lol that was a hog

  4. Hey Nick, I saw you out there a couple of Sunday's ago around Little Franks. I saw you do something I rarely see which is run ACROSS Little Franks. Is there a video coming?

  5. Excellent video Nick. Lot's of good info. Still my favorite videos are you with the Cooch! What a great guy. Wish you could've done more with him! He's greatly missed.

  6. Man, I need some bass tips for ALL seasons. Seems like I walk around with a 30 yard anti-bass zone surrounding me at all times. Every time I say I'm gonna go bass fishing, I end up falling back on crappie and catfishing. Anyway, another cool video, subscribing!

  7. This is what I need! IF, when is it better to cast along banks or towards the middle of the lake? Thanks for the info! Great video as always. Cheers!

  8. So I fish a river that is only about 15-20 acres big but they stock trout up river where it isn’t as wide. And alewives come up in the spring and spawn then die and the young move out to sea. I never really now what to throw or where to throw it because there is no graph of it. Ik there are good size fish in there but never now what to do any thought

  9. hell yeah bro that's a West Coast thing they do that in Arizona too planting a grip of Stocker trout in the community lakes and the big lakes also and we would catch Giants on Hudds

  10. Bro have u thrown that fish head primal vibe yet? its pretty legit, its got a willow blade underneath so its like an underspin vibrating jig but the primal vibe with a 4.8 keitech swing impact fat is so sexy

  11. It has about 3-4 feet of clarity, some downed trees along the sides, no grass at all it's around 60 to 67 degrees depth is 30 foot at the deepest alot of rock. Thanks for the reply

  12. Hey buddy I need some help figuring out how to get bit in my home lake it's a cave system lake with stained water any ideas would help thanks in advance lol

  13. I live in Valley Springs and still not sure I can make it out in November 🙁 … but definitely going to try. Anyway thanks for the great video Nick. What split Rings would you recommend??
    I bought 35lb split rings from the salt water section and 53lb owner pro's. Lost some big fish to the split rings on crankbaits and each time a single hook on the tail treble was bent out… I change out hooks and split rings carefully… Been fishing smaller crankbaits on med fast crankbait rod light on the drag 15# p-line cxffl premium and C21 and I'm getting split Rings ripped right off the belly loop by big spots and Lm… One split ring came back half-ass still in the belly loop but was mangled and my red Gamakatsu #2 was gone. I run a black number 4 short Shank treble at the tail.. I was thinking about going with the owner hyper wire but damn there a lot of money and the owner Pros didn't seem to do that well!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated line, split rings, rod reel help me brother… never had this problem before with upgraded split rings.

  14. Great tips Nick! Looks like I need to pick up a few things and hit the water! See you out there!

  15. What’s your best bait suggestion for a bank fisherman who deals with 3 to 5 yards of heavy (hydrillla) vegetation in the North East (water is cold now). I’ve recently tried frogs, whopper plopper, super spook, floating jerkbait, jighead w/crawdad trailer and stick baits and I’m shooting blanks. In the past I’ve lost a crankbait in the hydrilla, so I’m very reluctant to try again…. how does it not get stuck with you ? btw, great video, lot to learn and try…. new sub here.

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