Fall Bass Fishing Tips with Chris Bulaw!

Fall can be one of the best fishing seasons of the year if you understand how the fish are acting. Fall means bass are feeding up on baitfish, so “match the hatch” is the name of the game. Check out which baits Chris likes to use to target bass in the fall!

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18 Replies to “Fall Bass Fishing Tips with Chris Bulaw!”

  1. Yo that swimbait hook with the willow blade looks identical to the Yellow Hammer swimbait hooks with the willow blade, I know the one in your vid is supposedly an "mtb special" or watever it's called but who is the hook made by?

  2. My flashbang hook's tungsten weight and the blade broke off while casting, can you guys add it to the shop as a add-on? I would really appreciate if I could get one to replace it.

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