Fall Bass Fishing with a Crankbait – More $15 Baitcaster Action

This fall morning I am out bass fishing with a square bill crankbait. Once again I am fishing this on my $15 Baitcast reel. After casting around for a little while and not catching anything but leaves and trash in the water, I finally hook into a decent largemouth bass. This is maybe the third bass I have caught on a squarebill crankbait. Not to mention it’s another bass for the $15 baitcaster which seems to be holding up well. It was a good day despite catching so much line in the water. I was happy to end up getting my crankbait back this fine fall morning.


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45 Replies to “Fall Bass Fishing with a Crankbait – More $15 Baitcaster Action”

  1. damn man your always getting caught on other peoples line. I thought that only happened to me. that place must get hammered with fishers

  2. Awesome getting ur lure bk! I hate losing lures to snags! Great vids! Keep up the great work. Btw, u gotta sell some realistic fishing hats and t shirts!

  3. Just offering advice on crankbait, cranks are designed to be fished on or near the bottom, especially a squarebill, the square design allows it to deflect off rocks,logs, and other structure in the water. It's a reaction bite not a feeding bite.

  4. I couldn’t find that reel anywhere lol I wanted to try it because I’m new at bait casting but I did find a 30$ rod and reel combo at wal mart I’m going to try

  5. OK, the metal object you found in the water was a core drill bit for boring holes in concrete. It is used to install rails and signs in already poured cement. Probably one of the workers there tossed it in the water when it lost a tooth.

    Great job on the lure retrieval. I've got a $10 bait in tree that I'm making plans to get back with a extendable painters pole! Gotta get creative when you aren't sponsored!

  6. I got my 10 dollar popper stuck in a tree, so I tied on a shitty micro jig and cast it onto the same branch, yanked as hard as I couod and my popper came flying and hit my leg lol

  7. Had to chuckle when you said you weren't going to cast your lure over here or over there because of so many past snags…you sounded like Charlie Brown with his kit in his hands eyeballing that kite eatin' tree.

  8. The absolute most frustrating thing about fishing public places is catching another jackass' line. Can't believe you got that bomber back nice snag

  9. I go through the same crap my way with other peoples line in the water! Man that pisses me off!! I have lost lots of gear to that mess. BTW…Nice little bass on that set up. It's a decent little set up on the cheap.

  10. Great job! Chances of that happening for most people would be impossible. Keep up the great fishing.

  11. Nice job on the lure retrieval! I like those Bomber square bills. Not a lot of places I can fish them though… too much snagging in my ponds! Thanks for sharing. I love your videos btw. Good stuff!

  12. Is that a honda element I see in your vids??? Would you recommend it/year. MPG is not great I found out. Thank you for your vids too!

  13. Love it! This summer I swam my ass out in the water for a $4.95 square bill crank bait, money doesn’t grow on trees.

  14. That garbage with line on it is a feeder, old people use to fish that way for common and crucian carp on the bottom lol

  15. Just found your channel and love it. Funny as he'll. Not everybody has $150 to spend on rods and reels. Like that you are showing what the everyday man can buy and use successfully.

  16. do you have a favorite color or pattern? Obviously depends on conditions… just curious. What is it with your area and jagoffs leaving copius amounts of line in the water? sheesh

  17. I love the sound that bait caster makes every time you cast unfortunately I can I do that for which every single cast I make turns into a Birdsnest lol

  18. That thing you caught and tossed in the trash looked similar to some kind of spindle socket maybe ?

  19. Dude!! that what you just caught was a very rare Can Fish!! LOL!! Love your videos! never stop!! PS. the fact that you were able to get your lure back was amazing! you're good!!

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