Fall Pattern Development | Toledo Bend in Louisiana | KAYAK BASS FISHING

In this episode I am fishing with Adam Harbuck from Harbuck Outdoors and we go through in-depth pattern development on Toledo Bend in Many, Louisiana. Adam has a few decades of experience on this lake and shares his insights and background information on the lake.

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11 Replies to “Fall Pattern Development | Toledo Bend in Louisiana | KAYAK BASS FISHING”

  1. Chad, great looking place to fish, like you said the key is finding the location where the #HawgZillas are holding 👍👌😋 and putting the bait in there face.

  2. Lotta Richards running around the lakes and ponds leaving their empty worm and chicken liver containers around…gets really annoying and has gotten to the point where some of the guys I fish with wont go to certain lakes because of all of the trash.  a couple times per year on one of the forums I'm on there are some organized cleanups…with fishing and food afterwards of coarse

  3. Great video Chad! I appreciate the PSA on line retrieval as well. Litterbugs of all kinds drive me crazy!
    Question for you, are you still running Lew’s reels on all your rods? How does Lew’s compare to the high end guys like Abu and Shimano?

  4. “That’s a big ass herring”, “that’s a ninja move right there”,and the best of today “don’t be a RICHARD”. Love the tips, great video.

  5. Lol Richard move! Thanks for saying that about removing the line. I almost always make it home with someone else's line in my yak.

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