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Beginner tips and advanced tricks for catching more bass on chatterbaits.
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In this video i discuss how and what trailers i use on my chatterbaist and jigs, also talk about how to fish a chatterbait and jig with what type of structure to target for better results.

Chatterbait fishing for Australian bass is lots of fun and a very productive technique in the spring and summer months.


Dean Silvester, commonly referred to as Hollywood by most Queenslanders, I live in Brisbane Qld working full time as an Electrical Engineer.
2017 marks my 12th year of competitive angling and the 5th year representing Team BCF on the Televised series “Australian Fishing Championships” AFC Outdoors. My tournament career consists of 27 Wins, 3 Championship Titles and 4 (AOY) Angler of the Year Titles.
I am the only angler to win Professional Bass Tournaments across all three Eastern states, as well as the only angler to win a BASS Nation AOY title and BASS Championship in the same year.
I was ranked No.1 in Australia from 2013-17 inclusive and the only Angler who has won across all three tournament species at the Pro level in Australia (Bass, Bream and Barramundi). My overall record includes a further 32 top five places and 26 top ten places.

My goal now is to take on the US BASS circuit and eventually qualify to compete in the BASSMASTER ELITE SERIES

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Wisconsin fishing largemouth bass using senko worm Tue, 19 Jun 2018 23:39:42 +0000 Continue reading "Wisconsin fishing largemouth bass using senko worm"


We were trolling along the weed edge when I saw this big bass circling a weedy patch. I immediately reeled in and flipped my senko worm right on top of it. Bam! Nice 18incher… 3 lb 8 oz. He was a large bass but quite skinny, I think it could’ve been a 4.5lb fish if fatter. Catch and release of course.

Lure used was a 5″ Yamamoto senko worm. Video was recorded with an iPhone 4S.


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WINTER BASS FISHING – from the Bank Tue, 19 Jun 2018 20:55:47 +0000

Winter Bass Fishing From the Bank. Go fishing with me on the bank of a lake fishing for bass during cold, bad weather.

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Bass Federation Nation Tue, 19 Jun 2018 18:20:50 +0000

Bass Federation Nation


Jerkbait Bass Fishing $$$ Secrets Pros Don’t Want You to Know Tue, 19 Jun 2018 17:54:31 +0000 Continue reading "Jerkbait Bass Fishing $$$ Secrets Pros Don’t Want You to Know"


It’s time for PRO SECRETS for jerkbait fishing in every season. Sure, a jerkbait is great for winter fishing and prespawn (cold water), but what about postspawn, summer and fall? You can fish these lures all year for bass! John Hunter has won a LOT of money fishing a jerkbait all year long in clear and muddy water. Do you lose fish on a jerkbait? Do fish throw the bait? Learn how to land a higher percentage of your bass on this bait by becoming a PRO subscriber and watching this full bass fishing instructional video at

In this video, you will learn:
How to fish a jerkbait in every season
How to modify jerkbaits to float/sink and catch more bass
Rod, reel and line you need for fishing this lure
Locations to target throughout the year in every season
Fishing vertical structure with a jerkbait




We fished a few spots in the miami area, the wind was howling and all said and done we caught 1 35″ snook, a few gar, oscars, 1 peacock, some chiclids, largemouth and bill caught a bowfin. It was refreshing to find decent shore access along the canals, traffic was light and all around it was a good day despite the wind. If anything, the wind probably helped to get that snook in the mood to eat. I do not know too much about the fishing in Florida but I do know that catching an overslot snook from these canals midday on artificial, with no current is somewhat of a miracle. Those peacocks at the end were very highly educated, we saw a lot but generally they just laughed at us and the lures we threw.

Was using a shimano crucial dropshot 7′

shimano saros 2500

10lb braid

and an xrap 10 in olive with 2x hardware

20lb seagaur leader

The lure I caught the Peacock on


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