Fellows Lake

Let’s go to Fellows Lake! It is an 820 ac water supply lake near Springfield, MO, known for largemouth and white bass, crappie, catfish and Muskellunge (yes, Muskies!). This video features some nice bass.

For your viewing pleasure, the never-reliable “Mr. Medicated” is back once again telling lies.

If you liked the cool music, it was courtesy of JesTerMan & Dj Dub at Symphonotics; check them out!


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  1. @gregoir Greg, I use everything from 6 to 14 mono (or florocarbon) and have one rig with 30 lb Gorilla Braid at the moment. For drop shot and vertical jigging I'll use 6 or 8 lb florocarbon. For crankbaits, 8-10 lb mono (Berkley XL or Segaur florocarbon or sometimes P-Line copolymer. For heavier applications (spinnerbaits, jigs, plastic worms, I'll throw 10 lb as a minimum and go up to 14 lb for heavy football jigging. I only make leaders of 6 lb to tie to 8 lb line for deep wintertime jigs.

  2. @Winkiedoodles word em up yo! haha j/k what kind of line do you use and do you use or make leader's(gofrom say, 8 lb. to 10 lb. test)? or not? just wondering

  3. @Winkiedoodles yeH AND I've been practicing ken lee bi dou chou for the next time I get impatient n want the fish to bite!

  4. @Winkiedoodles haha yeah n bring"two turntables and a microphone" haha let me know in advance so I can have the kleenex ready for when I blow snot out my nose n cry from laughing so hard:) peace out girl scout!-

  5. @gregoir Can you believe I still have that cassette? I think my son bought it to listen to on a ski trip we took to Taos aboout 35 years ago. I couldn't stand it. However, now that you've brought it up, I'll have to do some Fat Boys beat boxing on some future video. I know you can't wait! 🙂

  6. wow! fat boy's!? I can't believe I used to listen to themabout 24 year's ago! haha I can't remember the scripture that I study and try to remember, but I can remember lot's of there stupid"rhyme's " and whatnot anyways..sweet vid. glad I found it

  7. @dmetzgarful Thanks! The composers were the Symphonotics (youtube channel by the same name); they are nice guys. When you do decide to make videos, keep the characters in them away from the prescription cabinet as best you can. 🙂

  8. Awesome music track to this video. Old man stalker was a little creepy, but another great video for the masses. I wish I had time to make videos to share.

  9. @celinha1953 I think the "Boss" has had some pretty good songs, but I'm not much of a true fan. The music that you heard was from a group of sisters called the McCarters. I saw them perform with Randy Travis at a show in Vicenza, Italy in the late 80's and thought they were very good. There's also some youtube videos of them singing. Every now and then I'll put in a cassette since my truck has both a CD and cassette player.

  10. @intenseangler Thanks for watching and glad you liked it! Mr. Medicated is always telling lies. He needs to stay put on his ward and not stir up trouble! 🙂 Don

  11. @Powerbate15 I think Watkins Mill state park and lake are a few miles NW of Excelsior Springs. It's a bit far from Springfield. I'll keep it in mind for future reference.

  12. You really gotta be more careful around those wild women Mr. Medicated ;-0
    Seriously though Don… yet another fun day out on the water, a top-notch video, and some great catches! Thumbs up!

  13. @ccfishinguru I'm going to be posting a very complimentary video about those Mega Bugs shortly and you'll see the differences easily. They have worked really good for me so I'll be singing their praises!

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