Fishing big river pike on spinnerbaits

River fishing for Northern pike with spinnerbaits. Bright spinnerbaits are good lures to use when fishing for bass or pike in muddy or stained water conditions. Like, comment, subscribe!


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45 Replies to “Fishing big river pike on spinnerbaits”

  1. I am a bass fisherman and the other day I was fishing a small pond and I caught two pike.  I was wondering if you could give me some tips on handling them and good summer baits for catching them.

  2. Great video man! I wish I had pike that big in the lake I fish 😀 sorry about the late comment I haven't been on YouTube for a couple weeks. Keep up the Awsome vids!

  3. great fish and love the channel, im from Canada and wondering how far up the river you go to catch these pike as I wouldn't mind to try what you're doing.

  4. The reason your spool failed is because your using a cheap pinicle bait cast reel, which is for the mast majority of it is plastic construction holding aluminum spool and brass gears. The plastic after a while gets hot an does get warped and extreme cases starts to melt down. For about 99 dollars which is relatively not that expensive I bought a Quatam energy wheel which is 90 percent aluminum construction. The bait caster today is red colored and you definitely will feel weight difference because it's made out of metal instead of plastic. I found out the hard way to about Pinicle reels and how cheap their really made. Mine aluminum spool shattered the plastic frame when I hooked a musky, I had 70 # spire wire line on it and spool just like I said shattered the plastic frame.

  5. This is a great video! If you were fishing trout maybe a net would be good, BUT for pike with spinner baits you don't need a net. Keep it man!

  6. awesome!! great job!!! You know how to fish, haters are always going hate….just jealous because they don't know how to fish..

  7. How i fished that spot with my father and he used your top pike lures video but we have not caught anything!So what's your secret not trying to steal all your pike knowledge but when's the best time low tide high tide sunny after what!if you dont want to tell that's completely fine.

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