Hey guys WELCOME back to another video! In this video I fish Roosevelt Lake all week long, but with an awesome twist. With all the run-off from the northern part of the state, the water level at Roosevelt Lake has risen from 30% all the way to 78%!!!! Meaning more territory to fish and discover… I decided to make my way into the flooded trees in search for some aggressive largemouth and I couldn’t have been happier with my decision. A good bite, beautiful scenery, and shelter from the sun is always a good day. I hope you guys enjoyed the video! I had a blast filming it for you! As always don’t forget to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! All your guys support goes a long way I cannot THANK YOU enough, especially to those who have been DAY 1 subs. You guys are the real MVPs! Feel free to Comment if you have any questions about the video or myself I am always open for feedback! Thanks again guys I will see you in the next one!

Music: Ryan Little- Drowning [Free Hip-Hop Beat/Instrumental Hip-Hop]


17 Replies to “FISHING IN A FLOODED FOREST *Roosevelt Lake*”

  1. Sweet vids, NEVER seen roosevelt that high! Not sure if you've tried McKellips lake but hit it last night and the bite was firing around 7pm smallmouths too!

  2. Keep it up man you are already one of the best az youtubers man! Let me know if you would be down to fish any time!! Subscriber fishin vid?!?! 😂 keep on keeping on brotha!!!!!

  3. Do you live on the west side? I saw your other video about the secret pond and I noticed you were driving down the 303 to buckeye past my place in Surprise. I'd love to go fishing with you. Haven't caught any bass yet unfortunately.

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