Fishing Line Tips and Recommendations For Bass Fishing Lures and Techniques

– Discover the best fishing line recommendations for each lure and technique in bass fishing. Know exactly which type and size line to use for spinnerbaits, crankbaits, swimbaits, drop shot, topwater and more. Follow the link above to get your Fishing Line Cheat Sheet. You’ll understand the differences between fluorocarbon, monofilament and braided lines and why each works for particular lures and tactics. These fishing line recommendations will give you greater confidence in your bass fishing endeavors and give you greater versatility in your lure selections.


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29 Replies to “Fishing Line Tips and Recommendations For Bass Fishing Lures and Techniques”

  1. Idk. I tried out braided line a few months ago and have been a huge fan ever since. I can put 20-40 lb test on my reel with braid vs. 8-12 with mono. Also it doesnt stretch so setting the hook is much more likely, and it casts a lot further. Plus it holds up much better around structure. Doesnt get weakened by light or water either. U never know how long that mono has been sitting on the shelf before u buy it and it could be weaker than it says. The one thing though is that braid is much more visible to the fish, but after discovering Berkley Crystal Fireline which is translucent, that isnt a factor to me anymore. Other than fleurocarbon leader thats all i use. Cool video though.

  2. I suppose if you're a pro with 12 rods in the boat you can have all the different types and strength lines ready.  How about for the average guy?

  3. you guys went a little heavy I mean 25 pound mono/fluoro??? crazy I never go over 17 mono or fluoro if I need to go higher I use braid just for better casting, manageability,distance,and capacity

  4. awesome channel, i subscribed, great tips in this video, if you get the chance hit me back with a sub and check out my channel and let me know what you think!!

  5. haha spinning reels. you dont use spinning reels to flip mats and frog with do you? if so, that will not work. i have broken 30 lb braid before. for my heavy cover applications i use 65 lb braid. its not overkill at all because its not just the fish, its the crap you are catching them in.

  6. man and i thought 12lb braid was gettin up there for me. id nvr use heavier line then that just for bass fishing no need. plus most smaller spinning reels shouldnt even have this heavy of line on them

  7. @Michaeldean88 Yea, i had to learn the hard way that it doesn't work too hot with baitcast reels. I love fireline with my spinning reel though!

  8. @RevelationMedia777 Fireline is not shitty, actually it is the exact opposite. 20 pound line will bring a 100 pound dead tree from under water if i get a snag.

  9. why such high tests, and low for wacky rigs drop shot? I , and many people i know use 12-15 for everything and it works fine.

  10. just to summarize this video, for the most part if you use a fluoro based line from 15 to 20 pounds you'll be alright.( i prefer FIRELINE)

  11. @MarioBeastieboy sufix makes and excellent mono, and its low price, but man, theres like no memory on it, its perfect, they have elite and seige, ones blue and ones red, blue is like berkley xt for stronger, red like berkley xl, for limpness and better casting, but both would rock on a curado,

  12. fantastic tips, thank you. I would like to fill my Curado with a good mono, someone can give me some good mono name? Thank you!!

  13. Hey great tips, but what about us that keep all this kind of lures in our tackle boxes but only use one rod and reel??

    Just asking.

  14. @bassfishing4trout People use such high test braid because since it has no stretch, it needs the extra strength to hold up to the hook set and other things like that. Plus braid ha a very thin diameter.

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