Fishing Northwest Arkansas | Ozark Mountain Trading Co. | Kayak Bass Fishing


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19 Replies to “Fishing Northwest Arkansas | Ozark Mountain Trading Co. | Kayak Bass Fishing”

  1. Guy with all the security signs probably has this is a gun free zone close to his front door too! Ya know signs are so effective at stopping criminals 🤔

  2. Great channel. Grew up in Arkansas. Now live in the Hoosier state. Gettin started. Give us a look. Subbed. Peace brother!

  3. Yeah Chad,

    That looks like an awesome place to paddle if everything works out this season I will be heading that way for the 2018 KBF Central Open on Grand and Beaver Lakes.

  4. Just met you Sunday in Madison – while talking to Justin from vibrations tackle.. great videos & can't wait to get my first kayak

  5. You can always bet Dwain will pull a hog out of Lincoln before the day is over.  Its just going to happen at some point.  I have personally witnessed it multiple times!

  6. Are you no longer with wilderness systems? Noticed you have been in the bonefede for the past few videos.

  7. Congrats on 50K!!  Lincoln Lake looks like an amazing place, tons of stuff to do there and pretty solid fishing too

  8. Just bought my Native Titan 10.5 from those guys. Specifically from the Ozark, Missouri store. Larry and Jason were a huge help and delivered great customer service.

  9. Great video Chad. What fish finder do you use or recommend? I've never owned one and have no clue where to start. Willing to spend a bit extra if you think it's worth it.

  10. yes nwa is a beautiful area but they have way over populated the area and for a lot of those spots you went to during peak times of the year those areas are so packed you end up having to drive up to an hour away to just escape the crowds. i grew up in this area and it actually breaks my heart to see it is the way it is now. over populated and full of crazy stupid people

  11. Next time you're in the area you should look up kings river and crooked creek! great smallmouth fishing!

  12. That dock with max security thats luckys dock he used to sell minnows and other baits as well as report to the arkansas game and fish for the lake report on that lake. but sadly he retired last year or the one before that i cant remember. but yea you used to be able to pull right up and buy minnows and what not from him he was a pretty cool old dude. You should try wilson lake in fayetteville. last time i was out there i caught a 6 on a jig

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