Fishing Planet – Trophy Bass Fishing Guide Mudwater river . EP#4 – Largemouth Bass Nation

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Fishing Planet – Trophy Bass Fishing Guide Mudwater river . EP#4

hi this is me ronMctube bringing you a little guide on catching trophy bass on mudwater river on fishing planet.

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15 thoughts on “Fishing Planet – Trophy Bass Fishing Guide Mudwater river . EP#4

  1. Little tip for ya @ronMctube. You can't say 11 works because that depends on cloudy or sunny days. During sunny days (which will appear on the top left side of the screen) they are active during the early morning and late evenings. During cloudy days they are active during the middle of the day or noon. This is basic information about fishing and the game mechanic. This isn't the hunter so the time and success aren't allows on par with each other.

  2. Many thanks for this guide, Ron. Was pretty discouraged with bass fishing (lots of escapes for no reason) after 1 week. After watching this, just caught my largest 4.69 lb 19.2 in Trophy Largemouth bass @11:10 am in Mudwater (LVL 11). Whether it is in theHunter or Fishing Planet … you never fail to bring us great info.

  3. i love this game, but i don't think its as real as they preach. I feel like you catch 3 size bass.under  roughly 1lb roughly 2lb and roughly 4lb. Lure should not play a role in what size fish you catch, and the the size of the fish should vary way more. it seems there is honestly only a few methods to catching fish as-well. im not really expecting much from this game as it still is in a beta and much could change. thanks for making this video and the countless others you have made for the hunter. i am only talking about this spot on map as i know it will differ the further you progress.

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