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Fishing Small Creeks for Big Bass

I went out to one of my local Michigan creeks to catch some smallmouth bass. I struggled to keep the pike from biting and breaking my line, but also managed to catch a few nice creek smallies on day two.

-Lews Speed Spin CB300 on a Lews Carbon Blue Speed Stick medium power fast action rod with 8lb Seaguar Invizx line.

Baits used: Rapala X-rap XR8, KVD Dreamshot, and Powerbait Pro Twichtail Minnow.


48 thoughts on “Fishing Small Creeks for Big Bass

  1. Creek fishing is a blast. If anyone is ever in Va near Winchester fish passage creek. Its stocked in the fall and winter with trout. Its located in the George Washington National Forrest. Itsa beautifull place that i frequently visit.

  2. People always ask "if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?" Well here is you answer! It wasn't a tree that fell it was only a limb but close enough lol!! Great video man!!

  3. Good video. This is the type of fishing I do in Ohio. Please tighten your drag. Too loose. Tight lines and keep uploading creek videos. I wish I could catch Northern Pike here.

  4. let me just say, your one of the best fishing YouTubers ever and Sunday will be just as big as every other fishing YouTube channel I mean you're the best to respond all your comments and everything

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