Fishing Tip: Add The Carolina Rig To Your Summer Bass Strategies


The time-honored Carolina rig should be one of your “go-to” tactics to tempt strikes from finicky, summertime bass. Follow these tips for choosing the right rod, line, weights, and lures that can ensure hot action even in the steamy heat of summer.

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5 Replies to “Fishing Tip: Add The Carolina Rig To Your Summer Bass Strategies”

  1. Another guys video said not to use tungsten weights on glass beads because it will crack them. Glass is ok with lead though. What do you say?

  2. Almost 35,000 views and 6 comments??? Shame…

    The Carolina rig is great. I mostly fish my ultralight for everything besides pike. I use a Daiwa Presso 6.5' with a size 1000 reel spooled with 4# Maxima chameleon. I'll use a size 10 Spro power swivel and 1/8oz tungsten bullet weight, sometimes pegged and sometimes not. About 18" leader (the same Maxima) but instead of traditional lures….. I use streamer flies tied with a loop knot. It works very well in rivers as well as lakes and ponds but the flies definitely benefit from a little bit of natural water current.

    I caught my personal best smallmouth using that setup and a size 2 home invader streamer (Doug McKnight). 22" river smallie on a 4# ultralight. One of my favorite times fishing 🙂

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